Tristan Schmidt

Our Christmas Open House is coming soon!

Spread Christmas cheer and come to the North Pole open house. There will be games for children, hot chocolate/coffee, cookies, wonderful dinner, and so much more fun! Bring kids, a lover, a friend, or the whole family! Santa will also be there so come by and tell him what you want for Christmas! Just remember he knows if you've been bad or good! They will have so much fun here at the Christmas Shack! Come check it out!... and Happy Holidays!

Chrismas Open House

Monday, Nov. 3rd, 12pm to Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, 11:45pm

N Pole Ln

Santa Claus, IN

Get warm and have a lot of fun! There will be games for all ages! Even for adults. There will be food, drinks, and snacks! It's all a BUFFET! Bring anybody! It's also FREE!

Agenda Plans

There are none! Do everything! Play games whenever! Eat whenever!
The only schedule there is, is on December 23, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. and that's the holiday speech! Other than that HAVE FUN!