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Oct 9th

Power Up 3.0

The Power Up 3.0 is a smartphone controlled paper airplane attachment it is controlled through bluetooth technology that comes through your phone it is a really cool invention the creator of the Power Up 3.0 is Shai Goitein and you can order this on amazon for 45.93$
PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kickstarter

Pretty Cool

What do you think pretty cool right i am going to be ordering this soon to show you guys how it works in the video it says you need the app yes the app is manitory for you to be able to control it to move where you want it. The items you will need for this to work is

A paper airplane , the power up 3.0 and the app on your phone it is on iPhone and google i don't know about windows though and on the power up for google play there has been some issues on the Galaxy S5 but thats it no other issues as i can see but there is some rudder control issues on HTC One and i forgot to say the app is free on google play and iPhone

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This product works through bluetooth technology. If your device doesn't have bluetooth you wont be able to control it.
PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-controlled Paper Airplane