Glen Arm MD

A cute little country town just for you!

A Little Chilly...

This week the weather was cold and wet! It snowed about an inch and plenty of freezing rain, but that is typical for this time of year. Winter is cold and snowy for sure! Most of the snow comes in around the end of January through the beginning of March. The highest temperature of the week was 39 degrees and the lowest was 5 degrees! A cold front was passing through that resulted in some unpleasant weather, but at least there was some beautiful snow!

Weather in Detail

This week wasn't very windy except for Monday in the Northwest direction at 7mph. Thursday and Sunday had the lowest wind at 1mp going NW and SE. There was little precipitation as well. The week was mostly just cold until Wednesday when it snowed about an inch. School was canceled due to low temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday for the snow. Glen Arm is usually this way around this time of year. Winter into Spring is usually wet, cold, and snowy! Spring usually comes in like a lion and out like a lamb...
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The humidity this week was a little off going from 58 to 77 to 52 to 85! There must have been some crazy hair!

Extreme Weather

Glen Arm is not prone to tornadoes but they do get hurricanes. Recent storms include Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Glen Arm can receive heavy flooding from these storms that can be very dangerous. These storms aren't as serious in Glen Arm as they are closer to the coast though.


The climate is usually wet and cold this time of year because of the many cold fronts and distance from the Ocean and Mountains. Glen Arm is about the middle point between oceans and mountains in MD (see below). It is about three hours out from the ocean and another 3 and a half to the mountain. (There is plenty of hiking in Glen Arm but not any technical mountains). Weather patterns are largely driven by ocean currents. This brings precipitation and effects the climate with temperature. The ocean absorbs the sun's radiation and then distributes it. The currents are like a conveyer belt transporting precipitation from the equator to the world. The mountains can block the precip coming towards Glen Arm.
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Glen Arm is located at 39.4533 degrees latitude. This means that is it located in Horse Latitude, that results in higher pressure. Glen Arm is more toward the middle of the globe on North America continent. The location can effect the climate in many ways. The closer to the equater the warmer it is, the farther the colder it is. North America is a balanced distance from the equater resulting in cold and warm weather. Being a small city surrounded by plenty of nature it affects climate with more precipitation.

This Weeks Moon Phases

Location, Location

Glen Arm is located near Cockeysville-Timonium and Towson. They are all in the Baltimore County that has excellent libraries and public schools!
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Olivia & Katina

My friend Katrina helped fill me in on the weather in Glen Arm! We used to live in the same neighborhood when I was living in Glen Arm.

Katrina said that the weather was cold, just as it always is this time of year, and the low extra low temperatures were brought in with the cold front on Tuesday that led to 3 degree weather! During this time of year there is mainly wet and frozen precip. They mostly receive snow, sleet, ice, that lead to lots of school off this year.