Monday Memo

September 7, 2015

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Prayers needed.....

  • Denise Parr's mom is out of the hospital. She is doing better but still needs a lot of prayers.
  • My daughter, Jennifer is doing well. Her surgery is schedule for Sept. 23. Please continue to lift her up in prayer.
  • Kim's grandbaby isn't gaining weight. Please pray for weight gain for Brynlee.


Sept. 8 3:45 Paraprofessional Training

Sept. 9 8:15 ARD for BW Fedde, Ruiz

Sept. 9 2:15 ARD for CF Ivans, K. Jonas

Sept. 11 2:30 Pep Rally at the HS - Grades 1-5

Sept. 14 1:15 ARD for AR Gibson, Ivans, King

Sept. 14 2:15 ARD for CP Fedde, K. Jonas

Sept. 14 2:35 ARD for RS Fedde, K. Jonas

Sept. 15 8:15 ARD for NB Fedde, Ivans, McQueen

Sept. 15 2:15 ARD for JB Fedde, Gibson

Sept. 15 6:30 PTO Meeting - Title I Parent Meeting and Grandparents Day

Sept. 16 PLC Meeting- College t-shirt Wednesday

Sept. 16 3 week reports go home

Sept. 18 Picture Day

Sept. 25 Pep Rally at the HS - Grades 1-5 Homecoming

Sept. 29 2:15 ARD for SB S. Brockett, Fedde, Steigleder, Wendt

Sept. 30 PLC Meeting - College t-shirt Wednesday

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