Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 33

May 9-13

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


This week has been a whirlwind of student behavior, meetings, concerts, and workshops so forgive me, but this is it :)

I hope you had a fantastic Teacher Appreciation Week and enjoyed your rainbow rose and your Azteca from PTA :)

And Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there that are celebrating on Sunday!

Monday May 9

7:45 Behavior Data Team

8:50 2nd grade Math PLC w/Adrianna, Patty, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

10:50 4th grade Math PLC w/Debbie, Kate, Jenni, Carrie

12:20 1st grade Math PLC w/Bonnie, Erica, Kyrie, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

1:20 Kindergarten Math PLC w/Jessica, Kathy, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

2:20 5th grade Math PLC w/Scott (will be gone), Becca, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

2:45 Heather Stocking HR overview for all staff that missed Cookies & Conversation in March

3:30 Staff meeting (Heather Stocking goes over Cookies & Conversation HR materials for those that missed first time)

6:30 NA PTA meeting

Tuesday May 10

7:45 SPED IEP w/Ardie, Scott & Ellen

8:00 SPED IEP w/Ardie, Debbie & Jodi

8:30 School-wide Morning Meeting

9-4 District Personalized Learning workshop for Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, & Scott

9:50 3rd grade Literacy PLC w/Becky, Erika, Jenni, Carrie

2:00 Preschool eligibility meeting w/Brooke

3:00 Preschool IEP meeting w/Brooke

Wednesday May 11

8:30-11:30 Digital Content workshop w/Jenni, Carrie, Scott, & Lisa

12:00 Preschool early release

1:10-4 K-5 early release- Recognition Ceremony at PAC

Thursday May 12

5th grade track meet all day at BHS (John gone)

8:00 Speech IEPs w/Peg, Kate, & Kyrie

8:30-3:30 PBIS Team training at AEA for Danielle, Colleen, Brooke, Adrianna

9:30 Morning Meetings recording w/Colleen

1:00 Weekly instructional coaches meeting w/Jenni and Carrie

2:00 Tornado Drill

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Jenni and Becca

Friday May 13

*rain date for 5th grade track meet

7:45 Monthly NA/AEA SPED meeting w/Ardie, Deb, Peg, Brooke, Amber, Jodi, Ellen, & Lisa

8:45-11 Preschool field trip to Bettendorf Family Museum

9-11 NA/PN Special Education Strat I interviews at NA

1:30 Elementary Principals' PLC meeting

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