Mrs. Bill's School Family News

February 12th

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Enjoy your long weekend!

No school on Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th! I hope you can take time to stop, smell the roses and look around with your precious peeps!
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What to ask?

Have a kiddo that is reluctant to talk about what they did at school all day? Here are a couple questions to get the conversation rolling;

* What is your favorite exploration station?

*Can you tell me about your Valentine Party? What was your favorite part?

* What happens to the next letter after a punctuation mark?

Important Dates

  • Every Monday is library day
  • February 15th- President's Day, No School

  • February 16th- Flex Day- No school if we have not has a snow day up to this point

  • February 19th- President's Day Program at 9:45- all are welcome to come and watch!

  • March 30th: Community Helper Job Fair (more information to come)

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President's Day Program-presented by Kindergarten

Save the date for an upcoming program to celebrate President’s Day! All Kindergarten classes will be participating in “Meet Mr. President” on Friday, February 19th at 9:45. It’s sure to be a lot of fun! We hope you can make it! We are on the risers on the far left of the stage if you are hoping for a good view. =) Our class is wearing WHITE shirts.

Menu Changes in the Cardinal Cafe


We will be trying some new menu items for the months of February and March.

Feb. 12 & March 4: “Big Daddy” CHEESE

Pizza (Friday)

(In place of Cheese Pizza)

Feb 18 & March 10: Mozzarella Pull

Aparts (Thursday)

(In place of Cheese/pepp pizza bites)

Feb 29 & March 21: Grilled Cheese

Sandwich (Monday)

(In place of Beef Soft Tacos)

March 3 & 24: Cornbread (Thursday)

(In place of pretzel)

TCE Yearbooks

Yearbook orders are due by March 16, 2016. The cost of the yearbook is $16 per book. We encourage you to place an order on the website: Enter in the code 03573P to place an order. All yearbooks ordered online, will be shipped to TCE. Checks should be made out to Thorpe Creek Elementary. Happy ordering!

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Just a friendly reminder to send WARM coats and gloves and hats with your little peep. We go out most days and I've had some very chilly little people lately. =) Thanks!

I will happily take donations of gloves for our class to use when someone doesn't have pair.

Academic Highlights

Our language arts focus is week is making plurals. We also are picking out the setting and characters in our math problem solving.

We are working on using a variety of reading skills, like eagle eyes and chunky monkey, this is when we use the beginning sound and use our picture clues to decode words or look inside the word for "words in a word" like and in sand. I have just completed our mid year benchmarking for reading levels and they are all making great progress!

The sight words so far this quarter are; come, play, not, will, your, that, they, with, where, his, up, too, time,zero, one, two, three, four, five

next week...six, seven, eight, nine, ten

In math, we are working on problem solving. We are developing multiple strategies to to get to the same answer. For example, picture strategies or drawings and using a ten frame. They are amazing at this! Our current focus is subtraction. We are also working on missing number equations like 5+__=7? and how would we solve 6=__+___?

Also, we are starting our study of money. One way I introduce the importance of money is through restaurant menus. If you dine out could you ask for a menu we could use in our classroom? Some restaurants will even give you a real one if they know what it is for. =) We will also be writing our own menus with values attached. Wonder if broccoli will be worth more than pizza? Hmmm. =) So far we only have 1 menu, if you think to ask when you are dining out we'd be forever grateful!

We are learning and reading about snow. I wish we would get some real snow...sigh...

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

For more pictures and updates please follow me on Twitter @sbillTCE

Classroom Wish List

  • We REALLY REALLY need water color paint! Any brand, style, new or used. We are painting like crazy and I can't keep up with the demand for paint! Awesome problem!!! Love my little artists!

  • In other news...
  • Our collection is growing and we are using many of the donated items already. I am attaching an altered list just in case you come across something else you would like to share!
  • There is much research that shows that students have a high interest in things that are "real". We are loving our new environment! They are creating and finding more connections than I ever dreamed!

  • water color paint
  • paint brushes
  • peg board
  • latches and locks
  • larger nuts and bolts
  • plants
  • planters
  • sand
  • playdough
  • Discovery News

    Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week we continued our unit on Presidents. The students know four President Songs and two of them include sign language! A big “Thank You” to Mrs. Berry from Fishers High School for helping with the signs. We also participated in centers and made a fun Valentine craft.
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