Reading Finals Questions

By: Abby Jacobsen

Community vs. Individual

Demeter and Persephone

a) What is the consequence of Demeter's actions?

-Because Demeter deprived the land of nourishment nothing prospered, nothing grew, the cattle died, the seed wouldn't come up, and men and oxen toiled in vain.

b) How does mankind suffer as a result of one's individual impulses?

-It had seemed that all mankind was going to die of hunger.

c) What does this myth suggest about the effects of an individual's actions on the community as a whole?

-It suggests that Demeter's actions had effected the whole community because when she took out her anger on the soil that the humans lived off of Demeter nearly killed all of mankind.

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Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihuatl

a) Was the Emperor's decision at the legends beginning better for the individual or the community?

-The decision was better for the Individual because he was selfish with the kingdom and didn't want anyone else to rule the kingdom besides him and his daughter.

b) Is it ever important to consider the needs of the community over the needs of the individual?

- Yes and no, because if the needs of the community aren't taken care of it affects a larger amount of people, over an individual which is one single person, but the individual's feelings are still important and need to be taken into consideration.

Sun and Moon in a Box

a) How do Coyote's ignorance and selfishness cause harm to others?

-Coyote's ignorance toword Eagle and his selfishness lead to the sun and the moon being released from the box and causing the eternal summer to end and for it to become winter.

Which character bears more of the blame for losing the sun and the moon?

-Both, it is Eagle's fault for giving in to Coyote and giving him the box when he knew Coyote wasn't trustworthy, but it is also Coyote's fault for not thinking of what the consequences might be for letting his curiousness get the best of him instead of doing what is right and listening to Eagle.

c) What does this folktale imply about the individual's responsibility for the community?

-It implies that if the consequences of one individual's actions are great enough it can effect the whole community, so everyone is responsible for doing their part in the community so everything stays in balance and runs smoothly.

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