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February 2016-Ashford University Newsletter

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Military Development and Engagement

The Military Community Newsletter at Ashford University was designed as a way for you to learn and share community events, resources, and key topics relevant to service members, veterans, and their families nationwide. Please contact Ashford's Military Development and Engagement Specialist if you have questions or additional resources you would like to share with your fellow military community.


  • Eliminate Bad Habits to Become More Productive
  • Military Mondays
  • Career Service Center at Ashford
  • VA Home Loan Webinar
  • Recruit Military Career Fairs/ Online Job Board
  • Join the SVO
  • Verizon Employment
  • In Honor of African-American History Month
  • Become a CHAMPS Peer Mentor/Mentee
  • Previous Editions
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Eliminate Bad Habits to Become More Productive

Here is a really great article that talks about eliminating small habits that will make a huge impact on your productivity. They say that it takes 30 days to develop or break a habit, how many of these are you willing to give up if it meant it will increase your productivity?

Personally I have found that not hitting the snooze button since the beginning of the year has actually made me less tired throughout the day. I love how implementing some of these small habits is making a huge impact in my personal and professional life.
Written by: Stephanie Kinman Military Development and Engagement Specialist
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Military Mondays Radio Show

Military Mondays is a weekly radio show is hosted by Marine veteran Daniel Lehman. The show’s mission is to Educate, Empower and Engage military members, veterans, as well as friends, family members and supporters of the US Military.

This is accomplished by providing consistent and credible value to the veteran and military listener by communicating information about financial topics, veteran organizations, events and leveraging inspiring celebrity guests.

Tune-in Every Monday evening at 6pm PST or download the free podcast online!

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Have You Visited My Career at Ashford?

My Career is available 24/7 through the Ashford University student portal, providing a robust center of resources and tools. In My Career, students and alumni may utilize an individualized career planner, a resume builder, Optimal Interview, TypeFocus self-assessment, and a job postings board. Check it out today!

Career Services abides by the principles of professional conduct set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

The University’s courses, programs and services are designed to prepare students and graduates for further study or to pursue employment in their field of study or related field; however, the University does not guarantee that students or graduates will be placed in any particular position or employment. Any statistics referenced on its website and attributed to a source other than the University have not been independently verified by the University.

VA Home Loan Webinar: Click below to see what you missed

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Recruit Military: 9 Years • 772 Events • 27,727 Exhibitors • 474,646 Attendees

RecruitMilitary is a veteran-owned and operated company that helps employers connect with America’s best talent -- its veterans. They are the nation’s leading veteran hiring solutions company, offering a diverse array of branding, engagement, and retention services. This service is provided free to veterans and their spouses.

Search Veteran Job Fair Schedule to see if there is a fair in your area

Don't see a job fair in your area? Please follow these steps to gain access to Recruit Military affiliated employers

  1. Click HERE to create an online Profile
  2. Upload your resume
  3. Log in to search 234,934 jobs with 4,757 companies and organizations looking to hire veterans.
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Join Ashford's Student Veteran Organization (SVO)

With nearly 70% of employees finding jobs through a personal connection, (Morgan, H. 2014, September 17) start building your network today! Join the Students Veterans Organization and meet other Ashford best and brightest!

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Verizon is honored to support veterans and military spouses across the country with employment opportunities, career resources, state-of-the-art technology and benefits exclusive to military families. You can read about their military network, view current openings, and learn more about the programs available here:

Verizon compiled an infographic detailing their military recruiting efforts and awards recognizing their military support. Here is a link to the infographic:
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In Honor of African-American History Month

For more than two hundred years, African Americans have participated in every conflict in United States history. They not only have fought bravely the common enemies of the United States but also have had to confront the individual and institutional racism of their countrymen.

Lt. Col. [Ret.] Michael Lee Lanning, author, "The African-American Soldier: From Crispus Attucks to Colin Powell."

To view historical moments and read the accounts of powerful African-American who served in the armed forces please click the link below.
African American Military History From the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf
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Become a CHAMPS Peer Mentor to:

  • Serve a new online learner as he or she acclimates to the demands of returning to school.
  • Share your experience and how you achieved academic success at Ashford University.
  • Inspire new students as they overcome the adjustments of studying online.
  • Contribute to the academic success of new students in Ashford’s online programs.
  • Enhance your own career marketability through leadership experience.
  • Create a stronger overall sense of connection and belonging amongst Ashford’s online community and future alumni

Become a CHAMPS Peer Mentee to:

  • Get connected with a high-achieving, successful Ashford University student to build your support system.
  • Get help navigating Ashford University’s learning resources including the Student Portal, Library, Writing Center, and many others.
  • Learn how to manage your time and other responsibilities as an adult learner from students that face similar challenges.
  • Gain access to videos, worksheets, and other activities designed to develop you as an online learner with Ashford University.

* The newsletter may contain now or in the future links to other websites, such as links to military charities, discounts or offers, or other third parties that may provide services or products to you. These links and this information is being provided to you for your convenience and as a resource. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, the content of, or any other actions of such other websites or their owners or operators, information they may collect or information they may share. Further, the inclusion of an organization on this newsletter does not indicate an endorsement of such organization (or of any religious or political point of view promoted by such organization) by Ashford University or its affiliates.

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Stephanie Kinman: Military Development and Engagement Specialist

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