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August Recap and Recognition

We Have a New Team Name!

Drum Roll Please...

I'd like to welcome you to TEAM MOXIE! Since we officially became Gem Fatales on August 1st, myself and my upline (Annette and Patricia) decided to take it one step further! We wanted a team name that really meant something and if there is one word that encompasses everything our team represents, this is it!

What exactly is Moxie? According to the online dictionary, Moxie means energy and pep; someone with courage, determination, and know-how. It is the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. When I think of the individuals on our team, I think about how much Moxie you display every day with your business and in your every day life!

So what happens next? Challenges, Incentives, and Prizes, of course! Over the next day or so you will be invited to a new Facebook Page called Stella & Dot Gem Fatales - Team Moxie by either myself or your sponsor. This is going to be an all team page for all the members of Patricia's, Annette's, and my downlines. We will still continue to use our smaller Facebook group (I love our tight knit community on this page) but I will be changing the name on that as well. There will be a super simple challenge on the brand new group page open to the entire Moxie Team and you will be entered to win all sorts of fun prizes! (Not on Facebook and not interested in joining? Message me or your sponsor to keep informed on the challenges and enter to win!)

For our smaller group, I would like to challenge each of you to FIRE UP YOUR FALL and to QUALIFY this month with at least $500 in retail sales! If you do that, I will send you a Moxie window decal! Plus, you will be setting yourself up to rock out Q4 - our biggest selling season of the year! So what are you waiting for? Let's connect and get you showing off your Moxie in September!

Watch for other challenges and incentives throughout the month.

Welcome to Team Moxie

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Our Top 10 in Retails Sales and those who Qualified for the Month of August!

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1. Joelly Belman $7096.78

2. Sheila Markowitz $3477.30

3. Rene Kauder $3152.50

4. Michele Panczyszyn $2134.50

5. Nicole Barton $1782.25

6. Pamela Wimmer $1480.50

7. Adrianna Markowitz $1439.50

8. Deanne Kasim $818.00

9. Jennifer Borges $787.70

10. Paulette Payne $727.40

11. Felicia Brown $632.69

12. Jennipher Hagenmayer $615.64

13. Tracy Baschke $567.00

14 Angela Baumgarten $528.00

15. Paige Lloyd $518.00

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Fire-Up Your Fall!

Fire -Up your Fall Bootcamps are being offered all across the country this month. You will receive Basics Bootcamp training on the Circle of Success, just in time to get your business ready for the Fall selling season! All Prospective Stylists will receive a free jewelry gift for attending a Fall Réentrée Bootcamp Meet Stella & Dot if they are registered by 9/2, and all Stylists will have a chance to win a piece from the new collection. Find a Fall Réentrée Bootcamp near you on StyleWatch!

And don't forget the optional Leadership Training immediately following the Bootcamp (especially if you have a goal to promote this season!).

Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

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