Khan Academy!!

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Khan Academy is awesome for Whole Group Instruction!

Use Khan Academy with your whole class when you need to supplement or reinforce a concept. Khan Academy offers hundreds of videos on various topics to help with those concepts our students sometimes struggle with.

Khan Academy works well with students!

Use Khan Academy in small leveled groups. Each student can sign up with Khan Academy, where they will take a pre-test to determine strengths, weaknesses, and what they have mastered. Students in the same small group can work together on common concepts to peer tutor.

Khan Academy as homework??

Yes! That's right! Send each student home with customized homework. Teachers can track how well each student is doing by the number of badges and mastered concepts each child has.
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Salman Khan brought Khan Academy to life when his family needed help with homework in 2006. Since then, it's become a household name in free homework help for grades 3 through college.

Challenge Your Students!

Khan Academy is a great tool to help students who are struggling on one or more concepts. Use it to challenge your high students and help your lower students. Khan Academy helps your students stay within their Zone of Proximal Development and learn at their own pace.


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