St Brigid's Primary School

Father’s Day Prayer

Let us praise those fathers who have striven to balance the demands of work, marriage, and children with an honest awareness of both joy and sacrifice. Let us praise those fathers who, lacking a good model for a father, have worked to become a good father.

Let us praise those fathers who by their own account were not always there for their children, but who continue to offer those children, now grown, their love and support. Let us pray for those fathers who have been wounded by the neglect and hostility of their children.

Let us praise those fathers who, despite divorce, have remained in their children's lives. Let us praise those fathers whose children are adopted, and whose love and support has offered healing.

Let us praise those fathers who, as stepfathers, freely choose the obligation of fatherhood and earned their stepchildren’s love and respect. Let us praise those fathers who have lost a child to death and continue to hold the child in their heart.

Let us praise those men who have no children but cherish the next generation

as if they were their own.

Let us praise those men who have "fathered" us in their role as mentors and guides.
Let us praise those men who are about to become fathers; may they openly delight in their children.

And let us praise those fathers who have died but live on in our memory

and whose love continues to nurture us.

We hope that all our dads had a wonderful day last Sunday and feel truly blessed.

Happy Father’s Day


Term Three

Tuesday 20 July - Friday 24 September

Term Four

Tuesday 12 October - Friday 10 December

Pupil Free Day - Monday 11 October

Term Three, Week Eight - 8 September

Principal - Paula MacKenzie

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Fathers play a unique and important role in the lives of their children. As mentor, protector, and provider, a father fundamentally influences the shape and direction of his child's character by giving love, care, discipline, and guidance. As we observe Father's Day, our nation honours fatherhood and urges fathers to commit themselves selflessly to the success and well-being of their children and we reaffirm the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Raising a child requires significant time, effort, and sacrifice; and it is one of the most hopeful and fulfilling experiences a man can ever know. A father can derive great joy from seeing his child grow from infancy to adulthood. As a child matures into independence and self-reliance, the value of a parent's hard work, love, and commitment comes to fruition.

At the end of Mass on Sunday it was wonderful to see our children take their dads up to Father Liam to collect a special holy card for their dads. Father Liam’s homily was truly inspiring reminding us about the need for communities and the need to connect with each other. We often think we don’t need God or the Church and that we are fine on our own but in fact we need our relationship with God now more than ever. God is always waiting for us and is ready to welcome us back at any time

Netball Wind Up

Our students have had another wonderful season of netball and have once again participated in the competition so well. They have encouraged one another and so many helpers have been there to support and care for them. On Monday afternoon they had their end of year party and it looked like there was plenty of food and fun. Congratulations to our wonderful sports stars and the many generous parents, coaches and umpires that support them every week.

Junior Faction Carnival

What a beautiful day was had last Friday when our juniors took to the field for their sports carnival. It was wonderful to see the joy and excitement of our students as they participated in the many events on the day. It was fantastic to see so many parents and grandparents surrounding our students and cheering them on. Congratulations Mr Harris on another very successful sports carnival. Every carnival is so well run and keeps our children moving through events during the day.

P & F Donation

A huge thank you to our P & F for their generous donation of mini fridges for our wet areas. We have found that often children need an ice pack for minor bumps and bruises and much valuable time is taken up with children waiting in the front office for the ice pack. Now thanks to our P & F children can ask their teacher for the ice pack thereby saving valuable school time to continue their learning journey.

Being a Good Friend

Friendship is defined as the caring relationship which exists between two or more people. Having friends is important to everyone, so helping your child to develop skills in establishing good friendships is an important parental role; one which is supported at school. Much is said about the traditional ‘three R’s’ in education, but there are really ‘four R’s’ and the fourth ‘R’ is relationships. School is about learning to live as a community member, and relationships and friendships are the glue that keeps communities together.

Here are some ideas and advice for developing healthy friendships:

  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Be there when your friend needs you; be helpful.
  • Respect people’s feelings and belongings.
  • Share your feelings and be a good listener.
  • Be kind and caring.
  • Invite people to join in your games and activities.
  • Never talk about people when they are not there.
  • Always keep your promises.
  • Be prepared to forgive and forget; it is human to make mistakes.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • BE the kind of friend you’d like to have.

Making and keeping friends requires a lot of effort. It’s not always easy and sometimes friends do things which are hurtful. A good friendship is one in which the people involved all work together to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone. Be prepared to step in and help your child if you sense that their friendships are not appropriate or suitable. Talk to your child’s teacher if you are unsure.

God Bless

Assistant Principal - Alan Morrison

St Brigid’s School Booklist 2022

St Brigid’s Primary School has in the past few years used Ziggies for the Student Booklists. From 2022 Ziggies will now be Campion Books. In reviewing our current Booklists and prices (2021) for the stationary items and in discussion with Ziggies and now Campion we are able to purchase the stationary items (only) as a school bulk order. We are initially offering the bulk purchase to all parents from Kindy to Year 4 for 2022. Please note, this programme is ‘optional’ for all families (K - 4) and you are under no obligation to participate.

What this means for you?

If St Brigid’s purchases the stationary items in bulk this will not only save you money but also time. If the school buys the students’ school supplies in bulk this will help parents get more for their money. You’ll get unbeatable value on the items that your children need most, and you’ll be able to knock off the dreaded required school supply list with ease…you do not have to do anything, as all supplies will be delivered directly to the school!

Price Comparisons

I have taken the St Brigid’s 2021 Booklist (Ziggies) and compared it with the Bulk Order price list and then against an average combined price from Officeworks, Kmart and Big W (Other). Please be aware that some of these prices may vary slightly with specials etc.

In viewing the different prices, there is quite a difference between the three options. If the school purchases the stationary as a bulk order, there is a significant cost saving of approximately $15.00 to $35.00 (savings will vary according to classes and items). Please see class comparisons below. Please note the price comparison data is on single items only and the booklists regularly have multiple items, so the savings would be multiplied.

What do I do if I want to be involved?

If you are interested in being involved with the School Bulk Purchase Programme for the 2022 Booklists you MUST pay the total amount up front before Friday December 3, 2021. We will inform all parents of the prices from Ziggies/Campion and the Bulk Order only (not other). If this amount is NOT paid in total to the school, you will be required to purchase your child’s stationary items the usual way and bring them to school on the first day of school 2022. Again, this programme is ‘optional’ for all families (K - 4) and you are under no obligation to participate.

I will be sending out a survey early Term 4 seeking your feedback and if you wish to participate in the St Brigid’s Bulk List Order Programme for 2022.

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School Uniforms:

All children in Pre-Primary to Year Six are required to wear the school uniform as specified below. A note of explanation is required if the correct uniform is not being worn. All items of clothing are to be clearly marked with the student’s full name. Full sports uniform is to be worn on class physical education and sport days only, in Terms One and Term Three the faction-coloured shirt is required to be worn. Term two and four the blue and gold sports top is to be worn.

I have noticed quite a few students not wearing the correct school uniform or not wearing ‘all’ pieces of the uniform correctly. Some issues:

· Incorrect hair cuts

· Incorrect school shoes

· Shoes not polished

· Incorrect school socks

· No tie

· Not wearing tie correctly

· Shirts not tucked in

· Wearing wrong uniform School/Sports on wrong days

Hair, Grooming and Jewellery:

Hair must be clean, neat and tidy. Students must have their hair styled or restrained so that it does not fall onto the face. Make-up or nail polish is not acceptable at school. These will be removed if worn to school.

Hair for girls should be:

• Clean, neat and tidy.

• Coloured or dyed hair is not permitted.

• Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.

• Girls’ long hair (collar length and longer) should be tied back firmly away from the face.

• Fringe must be short and well above the brows or long enough to be tied back.

• Hair accessories must be plain, non-decorative and only in the following colours – royal blue, white, yellow or black.

• On faction carnival days students may wear ribbons that match the colour of their faction.

Hair for boys should be:

• Clean, neat and tidy

• Boys’ hair is to be short back & sides; hair must be well above the collar, not over the ears and the fringe must be short and well above the eye brows.


• Long sweeping fringes

• Mohawks

• Spiky hair to extreme

• Rats Tails

• Coloured or dyed hair

• Number one haircuts

• Razor cuts

We would appreciate your help with ensuring that your child/ren always wear the correct school uniform.

Just a reminder that next term all students from Year 1 to Year 6 are to be wearing their Summer Uniform. Please ensure that the length of the uniform worn by our female students is knee length.



Just a gentle reminder that the Senior Faction Carnival will be held in Week 10, Thursday 23 September


We have a chair which was left behind after the Junior Carnival last week. If you believe it belongs to you and you are able to describe the logo on the cover, please call into the school office.


WHEN: Every Tuesday 3.15pm - 3.45pm

WHERE: Main School Oval (meet in the undercover area)

COST: Free

YEAR GROUPS: Pre-Primary - Year 6


Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays are the busiest days for the canteen. If you can't help for the entire day that's not a problem, we would be grateful if you could help between the hours of 11.15am to 12.30pm. As a "thank you" for your help, the canteen will provide you with lunch, a cold drink and bottomless cups of tea/coffee. Please call into the canteen and have a chat with Kylie (our canteen manager) to let her know when you are available.


If you have placed an on line order through QuickCliq and your child is unwell or the canteen is closed, you MUST cancel your order before the cutoff time of 9.00am by going on line and following these instructions:

Log into your QuickCliq account -> click Active/Cancel order -> Scroll to the right -> click Cancel against the order.


The Uniform Shop Is Open

Monday 8.00am till 10.00am

Wednesday 1.30pm till 3.30pm

If you cannot make it into the uniform shop you can email your orders through to or contact Mrs Jo-Anne Vellis during open hours only on

6216 3865.


School Bags & Track Pants (all sizes) are now back in stock.

St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals) Appeal 2021

We are reaching out to you in the hope that you can assist us in supporting a school community activity called St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals). Many years ago a small group of very committed members of the school community started St Ems. Those wonderful members donated meals via the school to families that might be going through a hardship such as family sickness, hospital stays or bereavement.

We need your help to make St Ems a success. Please consider making a donation of store bought or home cooked meals. Your contribution will make a difference to our community members in need. Some examples of meals include pasta dishes, stews, curries, rice dishes, soups or sweet treats. Ideally we would like to put together a roster system to ensure that there are always meals available for families in need however a one off donation is also greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful initiative, please see the form below for more information.


Dear Parents, caregivers and families,

Term 3 is almost at an end, and I'm sure everyone will agree it has flown by. No doubt you are all looking forward to the holidays.

The P & F would like to take this opportunity to mention a few of the events that have taken place over this term.

We were able to offer the students and staff the opportunity to enjoy a sausage sizzle during the Mission Day stall held on the 6th August. It was great to see the students have so much fun, and also enjoy a sausage sizzle or 2! The P&F were able to contribute a donation of $187 towards the charities that benefit from the day, so thank you for the opportunity to help towards such a worthy cause.

We held the Father's Day stall last week, which was a fantastic chance for the kids to get a special gift for the influential men in their lives. We held the stall over 2 days to allow the classes the chance to come up individually, before opening up to the school community for their chance to buy. Thank you so much for all those that supported the stall, we hope all the Fathers, Grandads, Uncles, caregivers and special males all had a lovely day.

Coming up.....
We have been successful in booking a date for a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle in Midland for October 23rd. We will be looking for people to assist with helping prior to the day, and to help on the day. We will send out more information soon regarding times and a roster. Please keep an eye out for this.

Also, we will be looking at holding a raffle towards the end of the year to assist with fund-raising for the resurfacing of the netball/basketball courts. Do you own or run, or work in a business that you could offer services as a prize, or could offer a gift to be used as a prize (and the opportunity to promote your business)? We would love to hear from you. We will send out more information regarding this at the start of term 4.

The netball season has ended for this year, and we would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive "Thank You" to an amazing parent who has contributed so much of her time, support, dedication, loyalty and knowledge to the club, the school and the sport over the last 4 years. Thank you Bernie for everything you have done and offered our teams and players over this time. You are truly amazing and it has been wonderful watching the students grow into solid teams. You are appreciated and respected, and will definitely be missed next year.

Lastly, please remember you can help support the school by shopping at Gilbert's Midland and participating in the Shop for your School initiative. The picture below was recently seen in Gilberts.

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for all your ongoing support.

The next meeting will be on Friday 17th September at 9am in the board room. Everyone is welcome (little ones included).

Thank you,
St Brigid's P&F.

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Can you volunteer? We need your help with the School Banking program!

Our students really enjoy participating in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program and to keep this program running we need your help.

The program requires a volunteer School Banking Co-ordinator to facilitate the banking and distribution of School Banking rewards. The School Banking is processed at the same time each week and will only take a small amount of your time. Your help with the program will greatly benefit students as they practice saving skills and also help our school with fundraising.

Currently, School Banking day is Wednesday morning, in the Mackillop Hall.

If you are interested in volunteering for this great program, please contact Nicole on 0403363816.

Before & After School Care

Parents, we are here to support you and your children in before and after school hours! We offer a secure, safe and exciting environment for your children to thrive and be a part of a socialized group.

Please note an enrolment form and 1 days' notice is to be given to make your casual bookings for your children.

We are here to help! Enrolment forms are now online

Vacancies Available Now!

P: 0484302073



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Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at