Digital Citizenship for Parents

LEISD Digital Learning Services - Fall 2018

What is Digital Citizenship?

"Digital Citizenship not only teaches students the etiquette involved in being a smart and effective participant in a digital world, but it empowers and equips students with essential life tools to help them navigate challenging digital-based situations." Salima Hudani

Digital Citizenship Week 2018

Digital Citizenship Week is Monday, October 15th through Friday, October 19th. Depending on your student's campus, your student will be participating in different Digital Citizenship Lessons about various topics. The topics range from keeping private information private, cyberbullying, plagiarism, and social media.
Below you will find different resources and ideas for parents to help keep your student safe. We encourage you to keep the conversation about Digital Citizenship going at home!

Apps To Be Aware Of

Monitoring & Limiting Screen Time

Apple iOS

With the recent release of Apple's iOS 12, there is now a built in screen time monitoring feature. Screen Time is easily one of the most significant new additions to iOS 12. This new section of the settings menu offers a wealth of data about your iPhone and iPad usage, breaking down the amount of time you spent in each individual app on your device. It also provides a by-the-numbers look at the amount of notifications you’re getting and the frequency with which you’re checking your phone.

Downtime is yet another new tool in iOS meant to help you shift focus away from tech before bedtime. It cuts off access to all apps except for a few whitelisted exceptions that you want available at all times — like the phone or Messages. Apple also includes FaceTime and Maps by default, but you can remove those and add third-party apps that friends and family might contact you through.

Select this link to learn how to set it up today!

Apps for Monitoring & Limiting Screen Time

Even if you do not have an Apple device, there are several other options for monitoring and limiting screen time on your student's device(s). This website list 10 great apps that are available for parents that range from free to a few dollars. They are available on numerous platforms.

Did You Know? Statistics about Teens (ages 13-17) and Social Media

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