Continental Drift and Plates

Elise Matthews~Mrs. Harmon~7th Period~1/20/15

Plate Tectonics

(4.) The three types of plate boundaries are divergent, convergent, and transform.

(4. and 5.) Convergent boundaries slide into each other, sometimes causing one plate to submerge under the other. Convergent plates sometimes bring weather disasters such as tsunamis and volcanos.

Divergent boundaries move away from each other, making molten lava rise up and create new crust over time.

Transform boundaries slide against each other, creating earthquakes.

(6.) There is a transform boundary under California, so that`s why they have a lot of earthquakes. There is a convergent boundary near Japan, and that`s why they have tsunamis. There is a divergent boundary under Hawaii, so that`s why it has a volcano.

(7.) Ocean trenches and plate tectonics have some things in common, like how they both collide, making volcanos.

Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener was a scientist who studied the earth.

He was interested in seeing what the earth was like a few trillion years ago.

(1.)After studying the earth, he came up with the theory of Continental Drift.

Continental Drift is when the earth`s continents drift away from each other.

Wegener`s evidence to support this was:

Some continents seemed to fit together, like a puzzle, and on their shores, they had the same animals.

Although this wasn`t a lot to prove, it still made since.

However, many people didn`t believe him at first.

(3.) Two scientists supported his theory after Wegener died.

Their names were Alexander Du Toit and Émile Argand.

They helped by explaining continental collisions.

This got more people thinking about how Wegener`s theory could be true.

(2.) I think why people didn`t believe Wegener at first was because Wegener only had little evidence.

Major Plate Boundaries and Good and Bad Side Effects of Plate Tectonics

(11.) There are seven main plate boundaries. They are called the Eurasion Plate, North American plate, Indo-Australian plate, South American plate, Antarctic plate, and the African plate.

(12. and 13.) When any sort of shift in plate tectonics happen, many bad things can happen.

Two of these things are earthquakes and tsunamis. The earthquakes happen when transform boundaries slide against each other, and the tsunamis happen when divergent boundaries move apart.

(14. and 15.) However, good things can happen too.

Three good things are whenever convergent boundaries happen, new mountains form. Whenever divergent boundaries happen, new crust forms and islands can form as well.

Convection Currents

(10.) Convection Currents are currents in the mantle that transfer heat down to the earth`s inner core.