The Irish Americans

and the trip to the USA

Have you wondered?

Have you ever wondered about the people that traveled across the Atlantic? Most people can trace their foot steps to some one who did. That is just what I did I traced my foot steps to the person that did. That person is Irish.

Dificalties on their journey

A rough time

When one person is sick everyone is sick, because they were all squished together and it would spread. There was also storms witch made boats sank. Is those two thing combined no one will make it over to Elise island.

Where they settled and why they left

They mostly settle in New England,Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina. They left because they would get better jobs and some believed that there would be better bosses. Back in Ireland they were going though the great potato loss so they needed better farmland. Some people told that they could not be whatever religion they are.

The first years in America and jobs they got

When they got to America they could only get a one room house that had no running water or a bathroom.

Recipe for Irish soda bread

Mixer Preheat oven to 375 then put ingredients and mix gently and

4 cups of flour Then add one stick of butter and keep mixing.

4 table spoons of sugar. stop mixing and in another bowl put an

1 tee spoon baking soda Egg beat gently and add 1 cup and 3/4 of butter milk and 1

1/2 tee spoons of salt Teaspoon of lemon peel. And then stir. Slowly pour the

---------------------------------- when mixing. Butter milk and egg in the flour and other

Stick of butter. Ingredients. In another bowl take the tablespoon

1 cup and 3/4 of butter milk. Of flour and 1 cup of craisens mix in dough mixture and

1 egg. Mix. Take the four cutting board and put dough on it.

One teaspoon of lemon peel. Knead dough on the flour to make a ball. Place in

Table spoon of flour. Parchment paper lined baking dish. And lightly x in the

Flour cutting board.

Parchment paper Dough and bake for 45 to 55 min.

Fun facts

When they got to America they did not go to school so they took any job possible.

Their best crop in Ireland is a potato.

In 1845 a disese got in the potatoes and rotted for 4 years!


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