The Country of Rainbows

About Arabon

Arabon is a country with amazing land features and views. Our country is divided into 6 parts including, a tundra, mines, mountains, tropics, and a desert. In the central, there is a huge city surrounding a very special volcano. There are many fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, such as, shopping malls with areas for the children, canoeing through our rivers and lakes, cabin adventures in snowflake city, jungle explorations in Green Cap city, and so much more!

Arabons Rivers

Our rivers flow from the Pacific Ocean and the one and only Emerald Ocean. Our river areas are filled with unique and friendly wildlife. Designated safe drinking areas are included. Canoeing is a major activity that occurs on these vast rivers. Each river flows into a lake that flows into the Central, where the shopping malls are, making canoeing and kayaking a form of highly used transportation.

Fun for the Whole Family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How hot is the rainbow water?

A) Lukewarm

Q) Do I need a passport?

A) Yes, since it is another country.

Q) Are the adventures expensive?

A) Depends on what you do. Canoeing is $25 per person per day.

Q) Are there campgrounds?

A) Only in the mountains and rainforest.