Project Scope ~ Madame Fedora Co.

123 Sesame St. ~ Tokyo, Japan


~ Shayla Jaganjac

Madame Fedora

Madame Fedora is a company that specializes in packaging and transporting our hand~ woven fedoras, we are stationed in Tokyo but have many daughter companies all over the world. The C.E.O'S of Madame Fedora vibrantly invite you to step inside these ecstatic establishments and enjoy yourself! Fedora Hats are our specialty. Shop our growing variety of fedora styles for both men and women at remarkably low prices. Spruce up your style with fedoras for the largest selection of fashion headgear, from summer to spring fedoras.

~1~ Item

What is Volume?

The amount of space that a substance or object occupies. Volume is important for packaging because it can tell us how many fedoras are able to fit into a container.This formula can also help identify the area of the container and help the fedoras into it.

~2~ Item

What is the area of a circle?

The area of a circle can be found by multiplying "pi" by the square of the radius.

(Radius x 2)

Area of a circle can help with adapted or curved objects, such as the fedoras. This formula can also help identify the area of the fedoras and help get them into a container.

~3~ Item

Volume Formula :

Cylinder~ π x r(2) x h * Cone ~ π x r(2) x h divided by 3 * Sphere~ 4/3 x π x r(3)

A ~ Make predictions about the volume of a cone that has the “same dimensions” as a cylinder.

If a cone and a cylinder were to have the same dimensions, then the volume of the cone would be a third of a cylinder. Since, multiplying the cone's volume by three would give you the round off result of a cylinder.

B ~ A visual where students show that the volume of a cone is one-third the volume of a cylinder with the same dimension ~Picture below~

Big image

~4~ Item

The volume of a sphere is 4πr(3) /3, and the volume of the circumscribing cylinder is 2πr3. The surface area of a sphere is 4πr2, and the surface area of the circumscribing cylinder is 6πr2. Hence, any sphere has both two-thirds the volume and two-thirds the surface area of its circumscribing cylinder.

~5th~ Item

Q ~ I have two cylinders with a radius of 5 in and a height of 10 in, how many 1 in fedoras can fit in each cylinder?

A ~ Pi(r x r) h

Pi(5 x 5) 10

4 x 4 = 25

4 x 10 = 250

40 x 3.14 = 125.6


I would assume that the sphere would hold the most material aka that it would have the largest volume. As I assume the sphere has the largest volume, I can also assume that this volume would be most useful when operating my business.


Time and money are two major restrictions in taking up this project but there are many others like the possibility of no one buying my product.


Volume of Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres

Cost Estimate

I believe that my product. the fedoras, is usually $20 - $25. A starting point for my business would be about 2,500 dollars. The inventory in stores would amount up to 10 grand. and finally, 20 grand would pay off other expeneses like plumbing and taxes

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