Uranium, the Coolest Metal

By: Nate DImick


  • It is not super rare
  • It is Radioactive
  • It is element number 92
  • The symbol is "U"
  • Its atomic weight is 238.03
  • Its group is the actinoids
  • Its period is 7
  • It is classified as a metals


  • Martin Klaproth discovered it in 1789 in Germany
  • In 1896, Henry Becquerel said it's radioactive,
  • It gives yellow and green fluorescence to glass
  • Also called “Vaseline glass”



Biological Role

Uranium has no biological role


  • Uranite or "pitchblende" is the most important type of Uranium ore
  • Uranium might contribute to the Earth's internal heat

Interesting facts

Uranium is used in glass

More abundant than mercury, silver and cadmium

As abundant as molybdenum and arsenic