-Inner Transition Medal-

-Family Group and Period its in

Terbium in is the rare earth medals, it's also in the Lanthanoid Group and it is in the 6th period

-Terbium's Atomic Number and Mass

Terbium's atomic number is 65 and its atomic mass is about 158.9
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-How many Proton's, Neutron's, Electrons and what its Symbol

Terbium has 65 protons, 65 electrons and 94 neutrons. Its symbol is Tb. In order to find the number of neutron's you have to subtract the atomic mass by it's atomic number.
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-Where Terbium was found in nature

Terbium was never found in nature as it was a free element. A Swedish chemist named Carl Gustaf Mosander discovered it in 1843 in Sweden. It is used to dope calcium fluoride, which operates at elevated temperatures.

Physical Properties: Terbium is a silvery- white rare earth metal that is malleable, ductile and soft enough to be scratched with a knife. It is relatively stable in air as compared to other lanthanides.

Chemical Properties: Terbium metal reacts with all the halogens, forming white trihalides. Terbium also dissolves in diluted sulfuric acid to form solutions containing the pale pink Terbium ions.