Ursa Major

Cece Flores, Sarah Caviglia, Mira Parra, "Jack Young"


There's a girl who marries a bear for a husband. Her younger sister tell the father. The father kills the bear for that. Then the girl changes turns into a bear to get revenge on her father, her sister, and her brothers. She ends up killing her seven brothers. The seven brothers flew up into the sky and made Ursa Major.

When Visible

Ursa Major is always visible from 6 am to 6 pm. Its also visible throughout all the year in most of the northern hemisphere.

General Information.

Ursa Major is Latin for "large bear". its also known as "Big Dipper" or "Plough". The seven brightest stars of Ursa Major make the asterism. Ursa Major was one of the 48 constellations. Mizar makes the famous optical in the Big Dipper. Several bright galaxies are found in Ursa Major. The square of the big dipper is forming the bear's body. Then the chain of stars is the long tail.