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United States vs. Cuba comparison of factors impacting diet

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy in the United States slightly higher than the expectancy in Cuba, due to the more healthy diets and availability to a higher variety of food.

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Fertility Rate Per Women

The fertility rate per women is higher in the Unites States because in order to be pregnant, you must be a healthy person for the child. The higher the fertility rate, the more likely to have kids and the more kids you will be able to have. The majority of Cuba's food is grown domestically and does not get as many international imports that the United States does, thus having a smaller variety and quantity of foods to choose from.

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Health Expenditures

The United States has higher health expenditures because they spend a lot of money trying to improve health care, but it is very expensive for the people. In Cuba, the health expenditures are lower because the health care is very low cost for the people. Although the Cubans have less available foods, their health care allows them to get the treatment that they need, extending their life expectancy.

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Underweight Children

The United States has a lower amount of children underweight that are under the age of five, because we have such a large surplus of food, both domestically grown and imported from other countries. Kids are able to get the food that they need to maintain a healthy weight. On the other hand, the Cubans do not have as much of a surplus of food, because very little of their food is imported from outside countries, thus leaving them with a smaller supply of food for their children, because they have less land to grow food with in comparison to the United Sttes. Also because the cost of food in Cuba is higher for getting the healthier foods that they need, it is harder for them to do so.

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Because of the surplus of food in the United States, obesity is more prevalent in our country. There are many foods with saturated fat and excess sugars that goes into our system and stores body fat. Because the Cubans have a smaller food supply and most of their foods aren't processed and packaged, it is easier for them to not become obese, and more likely for them to actually be underweight.

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