American Diversity


November 29,1990-Immigration Act of 1990

This was an act to amend the Immigration and Nationality act. It would lead to the creation of the Diversity Visa Lottery Program in order in order to change the level and preference system for acceptance into the nation. This act also limited the number of visas allowed from foreign countries. It was also an attempt by the government to obtain skilled workers to better the economy. This act showed how diverse America is.

November 1996- Proposition 209

This act prohibits local, state, federal governments and educational institutions discriminating against or giving preferential treatment to anyone. This showed the attempt to make everyone equal, and not discriminate or give special treatment because of one's race, sex, or ethnicity.

"An entire Venezuela's worth of Hispanics was added in just those two decades,"

-Robert Lang
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Antonia C. Novello

She served as Surgeon General under George H. W. Bush. She focused her term on emphasizing the dangers of smoking and teenage drinking.She publicized the importance of AIDS education and improved healthcare for women, minorities, and children.

minorities in 1990's

Minorities accounted for 80% for the population growth and grew 30% faster than the 2000's. About 13 million people entered the United States throughout the 1990's, which added to the diversity of the nation. The largest growing population within America were the Hispanics. The reaction from Americans, was not very pleasant, as some were angered by the idea that some Latinos held a high office position in the government, such as Henry G. Cisneros and Antonia Novello.

Rodney King

He was severally beaten by L.A. policemen on March 3, 1991 after a high speed chase. The policemen were tried in court and were acquitted. This led to the L.A riots, which displayed the communities anger towards the injustice that King faced. These riots left 50 people dead and approximately $1 billion in property damage. This case was significance because it shows the present racial problems even after Civil Rights Act and Civil Right Movement years before. King's beating and trial symbolized that the racial tensions were still present in American society.

Clarence Thomas

He is the second African American Justice after Thurgood Marshall. When he was appointed he was accused by Anita Hill to have sexually harassed her, which almost cost him his spot. Thomas showed that the African American presence in the Supreme Court would last and not simply end with Thurgood Marshall.


in 1990, the work force was 47 percent female and 53 percent male, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This was very important as woman were making their mark in the workforce and it showed the transition occurring in society, one that was working to achieve equality.

Lt. Col. Eileen M. Collins

In 1995, she became the first woman pilot of a space shuttle. Her achievement showed women trying to live up to the equal status of men. Women, like Collins achieved positions that people 10 years before would have not imagined a woman could withhold. this shows the continuous progression of woman equality.

Mae C. Jemison

On September 12, 1994, Jemison became the first female African American to fly in to space. She took off into space aboard the Endeavour on mission STS47. She was also the first African American woman to be admitted in to the space training program in 1987. She proved that African Americans and women were not being left behind any longer in the space program.

Overview of America's Diversity throughout the 1990's

Overall America's diversity was growing as the number of immigrants increased. Immigrants were arriving from all over the world, bringing along their unique cultures that would also be added to the enormous melting pot known as the United States of America. African Americans and women were achieving great accomplishments, in order to utilize their rights to the full extent. Women took charge of jobs and made up almost 50% of the American workforce. African Americans were no longer accepting to be discriminated against and made themselves strong and known. They incorporated them selves in high positions in the federal governments and others were standing up against discrimination. America was becoming very diverse yet equal on terms of women's and ethnic rights.