Josephs Colorful Coat

Amelia, Kaitlyn, Makenzie

Getting the Colorful Coat

Joseph received his colorful coat from his father (Jacob) because Joseph was born from his mother Rachel who was Jacob's favorite wife. Josephs brothers were jealous of this and hated them.

Oh, How Powerful Hatred Is!

His brothers where so jealous that they decided to kill! The oldest otherwise so they threw him in a pit instead. The Ishmaelites bought him from his brothers for 20 shekels to be a slave in Egypt. The brothers went to their father with Joseph's coat with goats blood all over it. Jacob wept for many days and nights.


The dream Joseph interpreted for Pharaoh was saying for 7 years you were to harvest and save the food in Egypt. The next 7 years there would be a famine over all the land. During the famine is when Josephs brothers came to Egypt for food. Joseph showed mercy to his brothers and forgave his brothers.

How God Made This Happen

God allowed this to happen by making Joseph be a slave in the first place. God always has a plan weather it be good or bad. In the end it is what God planed it to be. All this just to change the minds of others. God has a significant mind to do all this just to change a few people! Think of what he could do in your life!