Student Pick-up Procedures

Army Trail Elementary School

August 27, 2021

Army Trail students are dismissed starting at 3:15 PM on Monday thru Friday. Students that walk will be dismissed to the playground to meet their family. All walkers should be picked up on the playground. Students getting picked up by car will remain in their classroom and be dismissed by the family's pick-up number. Cars should line up on the east side of the building in the Blue pickup area and display their family sign. Parents should not park their cars in the parking lot or on Highview Ave.

Please talk to your students and let them know if they will walk home or be picked up.

3:00 - Parents can begin lining up in the car line

  • Blue Army Trail Family Number Signs should be clearly displayed in the windshield as pictured below.

3:15 - Students will be dismissed

  • Kindergarten walkers will be dismissed at Door 5 where Kindergarten parents can wait.
  • 1-5 walkers will exit the building through Doors 3 or 6 and meet their families/siblings on the Playground. Older Siblings will be allowed to pick up younger siblings in their classrooms at dismissal.
  • Students whose numbers have been called will be dismissed out Door 7 to meet their ride

3:30 - Pick-up Ends

  • Students remaining in classrooms will be taken to the office and can be picked up at Door 1 from the Main Office.
Big picture
Big picture

To keep the line moving as quickly as possible, please follow these guidelines:

  • Parents should not exit their vehicles
  • Students should only enter the car on curbside or passenger side
  • Follow directions of staff members directing traffic
  • When picking up please pull up as far forward as possible and safely close to the car ahead of you

When picking up please pull up as far forward as possible and safely close to the car ahead of you

Additional safety considerations:

  • For safety reasons, students should not be dropped off on Highview Ave.
  • Parents are discouraged from parking in the lot and walking their students to the building
  • Please do not crowd the exit doors, this makes it difficult for students to exit quickly
  • Please do not park in the driveway. The driveway in front of the building is not wide enough to accommodate two cars, as parking in the driveway will keep other vehicles from getting through.

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