Team 8B Information

Whitewater Middle School 2017

Whitewater High School Visitation

Monday, March 6th, 9am

100 Wildcat Way

Fayetteville, GA

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS THIS TIME ALREADY????? We will visit the high school on Monday morning. Please make sure your student is here on-time Monday. We don't want them to miss this valuable opportunity!
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Math Milestone Practice Expectations

Today, March 1, 2017, I gave very specific information out in regards to the upcoming milestones math practice. Students were given due dates, told where to find the information and given a letter to give to parents/guardians that also has the information.
These due dates are firm. Students can work ahead, but I will not accept the work late. Students were told if they will be absent on a due date, it is their responsibility to get their answers to me on the specified due date. The student can send me a google doc, students can take a picture with their phone and email me, students can send their answer document with a friend or students can ask a parent/guardian to scan the answer document in and email it to me. Late work will not be accepted.
I encourage students that as they finish a section of the practice, the student should use their device to take a picture of their answers or make themselves a google doc of the answers. If the student loses the answer document, this will give them another way to show the work was done.
This practice will constitute the majority of the student's grade for the 4th nine weeks. It is imperative that the student takes the practice seriously. I will NOT help a student with the problems until all answers have been recorded.

Students are encouraged to seek help from a friend, work together, ask for help from you, and even google the topics. In other words, it is o.k. for students to work together and help one another.

I cautioned students today about this (or just copying another person's work)! Just copying doesn't mean you are reviewing and will not help you in being confident when it comes time to take the test. Students will not be allowed to ask questions or seek guidance during the test, so it is best now that they work hard to prepare for this standardized testing.

Spring Milestones Testing

Tuesday, April 11th, 8am to Friday, April 21st, 10am

1533 Georgia 85

Fayetteville, GA

The Spring Milestones testing for 8th grade will be
April 11 - English
April 12 - English
April 17 - Math
April 19 - Science
April 21 - Social Studies

Please do not schedule any appointments during this important testing time.
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8th Grade Dance

Friday, March 24th, 6-8pm

1533 Georgia 85

Fayetteville, GA

This is a special dance held each year just for our 8th grade students. Even if your student doesn't generally like to dance or the idea of a "school dance", he/she will enjoy this event!
The tickets will go on sale soon! Be on the lookout for more information in regards to this event!
Remind him/her that this will be his/her last time they can ever attend an 8th grade only dance! So come on and enjoy the fun while they can.
This is NOT a formal dance. Students should dress in their "Sunday best" but formal gowns and tuxs are not allowed.

Lost Agenda???

Several students have lost or misplaced the school given agenda. Students MUST have some form of an agenda that they carry with them from class to class. This is a school rule. Students who have lost their agenda can ask in the front office to purchase another one (usually around $10) or can get an agenda from a local store. The agenda does not have to be WMS agenda, but does have to be a dedicated planner/agenda where students can record assignments and due dates for assignments.
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High School Registration

Thank you to Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Hanie, WMS school counselors for working with all 8th graders this week. Students are being shown how to register for high school and are being given information about the various classes they will take once they leave the middle school. The high school counselors will show students again on Monday how the process works and I believe there is a parent night that evening.
Registration for the high school has very specific deadlines. Students can enter their choices for electives from March 7 - 10, 2017.
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No more gum!!

About a week after our return from holiday break in January, students were told no more gum. As teachers, we have found it under the desks, on the floor, stuck in our binders and books on our shelves and many other places. Students were told based on that, no more gum. Consequences will be given when a student is caught chewing gum. Please remind your student about this rule. Students do not seem to be taking us seriously about the consequences and getting caught chewing gum will be considered an infraction which leads to consequences such as detention and worse. We would like to avoid that as much as we possibly can. Thank you in advance for supporting us on this rule.
When absent and not well, please ask the student to check the website for missed work. This will ensure that the child does not fall behind in his/her studies and will be on track with the current learning when he/she returns.

How to get to the website?
  1. Visit
  2. Click on student resources
  3. Scroll to Team 8B
  4. This will take you to the landing page of the homework calendar. Look for the various tabs for each subject. Math connects all worksheets and such under "more details" on the calendar. All other subjects the information can be found by clicking on the subject tab.
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Spring Pictures are coming!

Wednesday, March 22nd, 9pm

1533 Georgia 85

Fayetteville, GA

Students were given information in homerooms this morning in regards to this event.

Spring Break

April 3 - April 7, 2017
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Field Trip to the Little White house

Thursday, April 27th, 9pm

Warm Springs, GA, United States

Warm Springs, GA

Field trip permission forms were sent home with students. Monies are now being collected for this awesome opportunity. Please email Mrs. Carroll if you have any questions about this trip.