Courageous or Posers?!

Multigenre Project

Dear Reader,

While creating this multigenre project, I have been able to explore new types of studying stories. I chose to study the different ways heroes are portrayed. Some are shown as courageous and brave, while others are fake and are only portrayed as good guys. I was able to learn about the different tales of Beowulf and the unique style it was written in. While in Canterbury Tales I found it a little more difficult to read, but it was still interesting in the story it told. I felt that I did especially well on the ballad. I found it as a fun and creative way of writing. I enjoyed this project because I was able to use my own ideas and get them out in creative ways. I felt that it was challenging at the beginning to comprehend the project as a whole, and the minor details/rules. But once I understood what was being asked of me, I felt it was easier than I had anticipated. I think in the future if I was to ever do a project like this again, I would like to explore the other options like diary entries or a mural. I felt this project help me comprehend each story a lot better!


Victoria Overton


I created this ballad using the topic of leaders/heros. I am focusing my multi-genre topic on how everyone is affected by evil, but that is why individuals are grateful for heroes who possess unique characteristics such as courage to take a stand for others. I focused mainly on Grendel, to put emphasis on how much courage and heroic Beowulf was perceived.

Down deep where he cannot be heard

Lives a creature whose a powerful killing machine

Most are scared to utter the word

Of the mighty Grendel, ever so keen

Grendel’s favorite time was after the sun had sank

This evil man would go out scarring the town at night

Blood dripping from the creature's claws

He would go home satisfied at their fright

Until one day when Grendel’s worst enemy arrived

Courageous and kind was he

It would be the final night that young Grendel could thrive

For it was his time you see

For mighty Grendel had a great battle

But he was no match to his enemy

Grendel’s magic wore thin and with a strong rattle

Down went Grendel, Beowulf gleaming happily.

The town’s people cheered thinking the chaos was over

But it had only just begun

For Grendel’s beast of a mother

Knew it was time to avenge her son

Picture Book Exerpt

My topic to my multigenre project is heroes. I drew this storybook picture of Beowulf diving into the lake to defeat Grendel’s evil mother then coming back victorious to see only the Geats remain. This represents that being a hero takes courage, and even when they’re alone and the circumstances are scary, they will still stand up and do what’s right.

Newspaper Article

Theme: Heroes are not always good people. Sometimes people try to be heroes not to help others, but for their own benefits and the wrong reasons. Also, villains often pose as heroes. Here the drunken men are trying to “help the town” by defeating “death.” But they turn out to be greedy thieves.

Three Men Found Dead

Curtis Herrington, Reporter

September 2, 1400

Belgium- Three men were found dead late yesterday evening near gold and other goods. One man was found a bloody mess, the other two seem to have died of poisoning. An ongoing investigation is being conducted.

Locals report that yesterday afternoon three allegedly drunken men went on a mission to help the townspeople and defeat “Death.” Many folks say these men were known to be greedy and awful people. It is believed that these men may have killed an innocent old man before killing one another for treasure they had found. The men were found dead near the treasure

“What, old fool? Give place! Why are you all wrapped up except your face? Why live so long? Isn’t it time to die?” Witness reports hearing from the three men talking to the old man who later was found dead. It is believed that old man was quite wealthy.

We will keep you updated as this investigation continues.