Mammoth Clone Or Mistake Of Nature?

Mammoth DNA Failure Shocks Many

Big Mistake!

Today we saw the horrible failure that they called a mammoth, but to all of us just looks like a elephant and a hippo smashed together by Frankenstein that got ran over!

It has got sticky skin that scrapes like a cheese grater made of sandpaper, and horns that are warped and creased in ways that are simply indescribable. Scientists believe this is the beginning of a new era but to the public it looks like science taking another step towards the stereotype of a crazy scientist who holds a flask of acid above his head!

The Development

We spoke with some scientists about what was going to become of the project.Nearly all of them had no comment, but the leader of the operation said "We are likely to continue with this, creating new ones in the hope of getting a good mammoth. We are expecting to have to put this monstrosity out of its misery, but until then we are developing our ideas."

Many people in our office have been outraged by this, but many others agree with this. However we have to face it: Is this all worth the cost? People starve and drink dirty water, and you cannot help but think this might not be the way forward.


Scientists believe they could make the mammoth adapt by sticking it in a cold environment to make it grow a fur coat, which they say is adaptation.We call it torture.

We think that stuffing a non furry animal in a freezer is not going to help it ever, so its not too good to do it for a bigger animal in a arctic area! Then again, we are not the project leaders so its up to them to decide, but still there are even worse possibilities; What if the clone escapes!? Then we have a rampaging mammoth thing that could be easy to control or basically invincible! Who knows where this project/fools errand will end up?

Cloning 101

Got 5 billion pound burning a hole in your silk pocket? Then here is how to create your own clone!

The most widely used method is called somatic cell nuclear transfer.The procedure is to take a fertilized cell, replace its nucleus with the one thats being cloned, and putting the cell in a enviroment where it can grow and adapt into the animal chosen.

That process was used for the first ever cloning of an animal, called Dolly The Sheep.