20% Project

By Sam Delly & Erik Rukstele

What I am challenging myself with.

I am challenging myself to design and build and test a model rocket from scratch.

How did it impact the community?

First, I created a design for a rocket and posted it on numerous websites where people looked at my design, provided feedback, and commented on how well I did. Then, I took those comments and put them towards my design to make it better. Next, I re-submitted my design to them again. They approved my final design. I believe I was contributing to this community in a good way because we all are interested in rockets and making them better. They offered me good advice and I also offered them the same in return.

Description of information I have learned about my topic

I have learned that rocket building is a very advanced and complicated project. At first, I thought it would require just a few steps. There were many things I learned along the way. Building my first rocket taught me a lot of lessons. I did not have enough information about rockets when I built my first one. The materials I used were not durable or flexible. I rushed too fast in making it and did not plan well enough. Last, I overestimated the thrust of the rocket engine, making it too weak to launch.

Why did you choose this project.

I chose this project because rockets have always interested me. They are fun to build, look at, and make better. I like working with my hands in constructing things. I have a good relationship with my dad. He is also interested in rockets and inspired me to build them with him. We've had some great times doing that. I feel that doing this project will help us have a closer relationship. Last, I am in awe of the power of the rocket engines and the many possibilities rockets can bring to society.

Challenges of first portion of project and moving forward

There were many challenges in the first portion of my project. Mainly, I had trouble deciding on where to begin. There were many options available to me and I was a little anxious to get it started right away. Some of my failures with the project were the result of poor planning and the rush to get it done quickly. Looking forward, I have learned to be more responsible of the time I am given and patient. I want to get it done right and know that I have to spend time planning and organizing beforehand.