5 Things you need for SURVIVAL

What you need for surviving in the wild


Place a loud whistle or a signal mirror in your survival kit. If you blow a whistle it can go miles. people can here you and you can get saved quicker so you can leave or when you are about to get attacked by a bear or something.


A windproof and waterproof shelter is most important in a survival situation. So you can sleep and not be cold at night. You can even bring a sleeping bag or you can even bring a sheet and a cover so you can sleep.


Carrying a fire starter is another crucial item in a survival kit. So you don’t be cold and I you have food you can cook it. so that's why you need fire. Fire is important for people in the woods.


You are gonna need water so you won’t dehydrate and be thirsty all the time so pack a bottle of water with ya! You never want to dehydrate so always bring you something or anything to drink with you.


You are gonna need food so you can eat and not starve to death so all you have to do is bring food and everything else so you don't starve to death so you got to bring food if you wanna survive in the wilderness so bring some food with you always wanna eat or bring something you can cook you can use a fire with that.


you are gonna need some clothes eventually you can't wear the same thing everyday it is not normal you need to bring clothes just in case so you can change unless you get dirty and not have nothing to wear and you smell some type of way and you don't like it.


you are gonna need some shoes because your shoes are gonna get torn up and dirty and you are gonna want some shoes cause when you get bit through your shoes you gonna want some shoes or you are gonna be walking with no shoes on your feet.