Failure Leading to the Top

Nadja Finding her Confidence

Nadja’s problem was that she didn’t care when she had her private violin lessons. The cause to that was that she was acceptable but now she was just okay. The problem to that is she wanted to enter a competition but she didn’t think she could win because she hasn’t been practicing. Nadja has only continued with her private “lessons” because she wanted to talk about life and the problems in her life. The solution for her was to start practicing the violin more again and enter the competition with confidence. So she did exactly that, and moved onto the second round. Then the next thing she realized she was in the finals against amazing violinist. She held onto that confidence and won the competition. Nadja has always loved to play the violin but she never really found her love for it until she entered that competition.

Oprah at the Top

Oprah Winfrey is many things but she was never a quitter. First of all, when Oprah was 22 years old she got fired from her first job because she was “unfit for tv.” “Unfit for tv” can mean many things like, she is overweight, people were being racist, she wasn’t pretty enough, and wasn’t good enough. Following that, Oprah needed a way to get money so she decided to apply for a job in Chicago, to be an anchorwoman. She got the call saying how she got the job, then, she moved there shortly after she found out. Finally, before she knew it, it was January 1, 2011 and she had her own network. It was all overwhelming but she got through it. Later, on May 25, 2011 her show ended. But still today she is famous around the world and will always be an inspiration to many. Oprah has had many problems through her experiences in life but that has never stopped her from doing what she wants.

The Creation of Disney World

Walt Disney had a great affect on his life and other people. Not many people know that Walt Disney got rejected to be in the army because he was underage but, Disney always had a love for drawing and he was really good at it. Eventually it came in handy, from all of his drawing he made Mickey Mouse which everyone knows because it is so famous around the world. Everyone knows that Walt Disney owns Disney World, but does anyone know how he made all of that happen. Because Disney made Mickey Mouse and his little crew, they made little comics, tv shows, and movies of all of them. Mickey Mouse has a really popular tv show called ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ which is a popular kids show. From all of that, he had a lot of money so he decided to make a fun, adventurous place called Disney World that is in Orlando, Florida. The result to that, is that still today people go to Florida just to go to Disney World that shows you how big it is.

Mickey Mouse

“M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E” That is the theme song to a popular tv show called ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.’ Walter Elias Disney is the one who created Mickey Mouse and everyone on that show. But Walt Disney’s first dream was to be in the army when he was sixteen years old. But that never happened because he got rejected for being underage. So he was sent overseas to France to work for Red Cross and stayed there for a year. Once he got back he went back to drawing which then, before he knew it Mickey Mouse came out with a short film. Then his tv show, and movies were coming out. He made a lot of money from Mickey Mouse. So he decided to make loving place for many… Disney World! Lots of people came and have a blast. Finally, his last day came and he died on December 16, 1966.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was very similar yet different as an adult. Abraham Lincoln grew up with not that much money, and was born in a log cabin. He lost a lot of people throughout his his childhood and adulthood, and that was always with him. But something that was different was that he had failed twice. As a politician, he lost eight elections and had suffered a nervous breakdown, which had a lot of effect on him. Lincoln later in life became the president of the United States of America in the 1860's. Also, when he was president and the Civil War broke out it was difficult on him because he was the one in charge who had to bring peace. Abraham Lincoln has had many things that are similar about his childhood, and adulthood. For example, he had confidence, especially for his speech called, “Gettysburg Address.” Lincoln only had one year of school and he learned how to read and write. Which was helpful because when he became president he had to write out and read a bunch of letters. Abraham Lincoln was one of the best presidents in American history.


Description/Sequence of Walt Disney