Volcanic Eruptions

Describe Pyrocalstic Materials and Lava

What is Pyroclastic Material ?

Pyroclasitic material is fragments of rock that froms during a volcanic eruptoin. Some pyroclasic materials form when magma breaks into fragments during an eruption.

Types of pyroclastic material

there are five types of pyroclastic materials. Scientists classify them according to the sizes of the particles. The name of them are volcanic ash, volcanic dust , lapili , volcanic bombs , and volcanic blocks .

What Are The Types Of Mafic Lava ?

There's three types of mafic lava . They're called the pahoehoe lava , the Aa lava , and the blocky lava . It has low viscosity and made of magnesium and iron . The color of the magma is dark and it's also traps less gases . As they cool rapidly , a crust forms on the surface.

Types of Volcanoes

The volcanic cones are classified into three categories . The types of volcanoes are the shield volcano , the cinder cone volcano , and the composite volcano.