Gold Rush

By Zachary


In 1851 Edward Hardgrave discovered Gold in Australia. Thousands of people around the world traveled to the gold rush.

There are two different types of mining alluvial mining and shaft mining some holes were 50 meters deep. The tools they used for shaft mining were Pickaxes, Buckets, Shovel

The miners used the pickaxe to break solid pieces of rock and soil

The miner would use the bucket to get soil from the shaft.

The shovel was used to dig shafts.


alluvial mining you needed to have these tools Cradle, Shovel, Pan and a Pickaxe.

The shovel was used to put soil in the cradle

Panning was a simple way to find gold witch could find small nuggets of gold or flecks of gold under the creek beds in shallow underground streams.

The pickaxe in alluvial mining was used to smash up rocks.

The cradle was used to shuffle dirt around and find gold.