Galloping Gazette

A newsletter for the Faculty and Staff - Week 1/07-1/11

Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change . Do Great Work Together • Value Differences

Principal's Message for the week:

Welcome back from what I hope was a great December holiday vacation. I hope you had the opportunity to rest and recharge for the new year. Let’s get it off to a great start and here are four ways how:

Setting goals for 2019

  • It seems as if everyone focuses on setting a New Year’s resolution. You can connect this idea with your students by having them set individual and class-wide goals. Individual goals enable students to practice the skill of self-improvement, while broader goals help develop their understanding of their interdependence on each other.
  • One precaution about class-wide goals: Make sure you arrange them so a single student cannot scuttle the success of all. It’s also a nice opportunity to share some personal goals for the year, and to encourage the children to help hold you to them.

Waking up the class memory

  • In my high school days, my friends and I would always chuckle at how many of us would forget our class schedules and locker combinations during an extended vacation. On that same note, you should begin the new year by reminding the class about your expectations such as morning routines when they come in, independent work expectations and behavior standards.
  • A little extra reminder, especially after many of the children have been most likely relaxing for almost two weeks, never hurts. You can incorporate this into a cooperative learning activity, letting the students collaborate on expectations and offer some of their own.

Noticing the new

  • Students return with new clothes and perhaps a new haircut. Some might even look a little older to you after a long break. Take a moment to comment on all the changes you see.
  • Everyone likes to be recognized in a positive way, and having it come from a teacher means a lot to a student. Just be certain to take into account the feelings of students who are going through a tough time financially. Good teaching is often a balancing act, especially at times like this.

Going positive

  • Whether you realize it or not, your students will take on your demeanor. Work hard on starting the year off with positive comments, suggestions and activities for the students. They will appreciate the support and will be grateful that you aren’t bemoaning the end of your vacation.
  • I sometimes wonder how students react internally when they hear teachers speak of the need for a break from school — that is, a break from them. Sometimes the most off-handed of comments, meant completely in jest or in good humor, send mixed messages to children.
  • Be excited and happy to see your students. This is especially important to children whose only source of acceptance and caring is your classroom.

Thank you for a strong week back and jumping right back into strong instruction. Continue to look for ways to meet all of your students' needs, extension and remediation. Think outside the box and try something new! I know it is going to be an awesome 2019!


Shout Outs

Shout out to the following staff members that completed Annual Mandatory Training by the first of the year: Donna Bagnall, Frances Barbarisi, Markus Bellamy, Karen Cooley, Patti Csenar, Fatima Dorbin, Tina Fritz, Lisa Gollihur, Deborah Hall, Andrea Hill, September Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Tennys Kane, Alainya Kemper, Claire Love, Mercyd McBee, Jennifer Morick, Robin Mounce, Viola Olds, Jennifer Pleasant, Karen Ratner, May Robertson, Jenny Rockwell, Barbara Steinel, Jill Teetor, Amanda Van Wagenen, Deb Vickery, Tammy Willett, Marissa Wisotzkey, Stacey Witherow, Sharon Yager, Anne Young, and Megan Zipprich. - Robyn & Patti

Shout out to Zajac, Pascual, Cochran, Crouch, Dorbin, McNeely, and Hayes for being super star math tutors on Day 1 of math tutoring! - JenniferR.

Mrs. Riccio has been a lifesaver in helping to distribute Beach Bags when I have schedule conflicts. - Nicole

Thank you Mrs. Bagnall, Mrs. Cochran, Mrs. Kemper, Mrs. Pagan & Mrs. Zajac for your assistance with Middle School recommendations and placement suggestions. - Nicole

Thank you Ms. Backer for dedicating 2 hours in the lunch room each month to recognize our Citizens of the Month. - Nicole

Shout out to Jenny Rockwell and all of the math tutors for helping out in the early morning hours. - Debbie V.

Shout out to Robin Mounce, Al Doss, and Kristen from the department of technology, for helping me to get sound back to my Smart Board so we can hear Colt T.V. You rock! - Donna B.

If you have any shoutouts, please send them to Ms. Backer and Mrs. Jacobs by Thursday.

Schedule for upcoming weeks

Jan 7th - Jan 11th

Math Focus in PLCs - Math Learning Walks

Monday, January 7th

  • 2nd grade PLC
  • 2:40p -4:00p Newspaper Club (Innovation Lab)

Tuesday, January 8th

  • 3rd Grade PLC
  • 3:00p - 4:00p Leadership Meeting (Library)
  • Landstown Middle Open House
  • ODS Open House

Wednesday, January 9th

  • Happy Hump Day!!!
  • K PLC
  • 1st grade PLC

Thursday, January 10th

  • 8:30-2:30 4th Grade Jamestown Settlement Program (4th Grade Classrooms)
  • 8:30 - 9:00 Grades K-2 - Author/Story Teller visit in the Cafe
  • 9:15 - 10:00 Grades 3 -5 - Author/Story Teller visit in the Cafe
  • 5th Grade PLC
  • Porter out in PM
  • Spanish PLC
  • 2:40p-4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

Friday, January 11th

  • Ms. Backer out in the AM
  • 4th Grade PLC
  • You made it through the 1st full week of the new year. Way to go!!!

Jan 14th - Jan 18th

LA Focus in PLCs -LA Learning Walks

Monday, January 14th

  • Backer out 10-1:30
  • 2nd grade PLC

Tuesday, January 15th

  • 3rd Grade PLC
  • 3:00p - 4:00p PBIS Meeting (Library)
  • 3:00p - 9:00p PTA Chuck E. Cheese Cashola

Wednesday, January 16th

  • K PLC
  • Backer out AM
  • Porter out PM
  • 1st Grade PLC

Thursday, January 17th

  • 1st Grade MOCA program
  • 5th Grade PLC
  • 2:40p-4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)
  • 3:00 PTA Meeting

Friday, January 18th

  • 1st Grade MOCA program
  • 4th Grade PLC

***Mark Your Calendars***

February 8th - Formative Focus and Goal Setting for Student Progress Mid-Year Review

Colored Printers

As we wait for the ESI bill to come in, please be mindful of your color printing and printing in general. We are still tracking closely and need to see a decline in printing as whole but especially in color. We are one of the ONLY schools that allows open color printing and I ask that you help monitor yourself and peers so that we do not have pull this. Thank you for your attention to this!

Colts Pride in Action

As part of our purposeful work to design a school culture where our PRIDE is encouraged and celebrated, each week a staff member or group of staff members will be highlighted for demonstrating one aspect of P.R.I.D.E

KUDOS to Sra. Hall, Sra. Torres, Sra, Dorbin, Sra. Rodriguez, Mrs. Burok, Mrs. Minehan, Mrs. Witherow, Mrs. Reinen, and Mrs. Pascual for opening your doors to our many visitors this week. They were blown away by the engagement of our students, the direct instruction, and the obvious strong rapport between our teachers and students. It is nerve wrecking to have many people in your class, observing you, but you all rocked it!

PBIS tip of the week

Just like the few days before break, the days after we return from a long break can also be challenging. Students are excited because they haven’t seen their friends, they’re tired because it’s the first morning they’ve awoken before 8:00, and being academically challenged is not on their to do list. However, by starting the New Year off right, you can ensure a successful 2019 with your students! Check out these articles for some great ideas!

Don't forget about trying out our Colt Tracker!

This link will, also, be in our handbook along with our flowchart!

Mid Year Testing Windows

Please look at these dates carefully. If you grade level needs to change a test's date range due to pacing, please let me know.

  • EDK & PALS Mid-Year Testing: Begins January 2nd – January 30th
  • Developmental Spelling Assessment DSA (Grades 3-5): January 7th--January 18th (Grades 1 & 2 will use PALS mid-year spelling quick check.)
  • DRA2 Assessment (Grades K-5): January 2nd--January 25th (All Kindergarten students should be tested. Students who were below grade level in 1st through 5th during the Fall testing window, should be retested. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not need to retest a student, you should enter his/her independent level in Synergy based on the student's current instructional level.)
  • Reading Inventory (Grades 3-5): January 2nd - January 25th
  • TenMarks Mid-Year Grade Level Assessment (Grades 1-5): January 22nd - January 31st
  • Quarter 2 Reading Benchmark (Grades 2-5): February 4th - February 8th (give it over 2 days like the SOL)
  • Quarter 2 Math Benchmark (Grades 2-5): January 28th –February 1st
  • Quarter 2 Content (Science and Social studies) Benchmark (Grades 2-5): February 18 – February 22


1/25 - Marcus Bellamy

1/26 - Abbe Torres

1/28 - Amanda Van Wagenen

National Board Certification

Have you ever thought about pursuing National Board Certification? Did you know that the process recently changed, allowing teachers more time and flexibility to achieve? Becoming an NBCT is a professionally and financially rewarding process. If you’d like to hear firsthand about what it entails from colleagues who either completed it or are currently immersed in the process, please see Bevin Reinen, Jackie Cochran, or Claire Love!

Important Links from the principal packet

High Levels of Engagement from all :)

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It is like we never had break!

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Look at our Spanish Immersion Rockstars!

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