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Term 2 Week 4 2021

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Kia ora parents and whanau

Welcome to week four and another awesome week ahead.


Ready Set Go starts next Wednesday 26th May.in Room 1 at 1.40pm. If you have a 4 1/2 year old bring him/her along to Room 1 where we provide a programme to support his/her transition into school.


News from Mrs Paul:


If the weather plays along we will have our final practice this week. I still haven't received a draw so I cannot yet tell those who are driving us, what times we need to leave.


A couple of reminders-

1) Children are to please ensure that their nails are cut short and no jewellery is being worn BEFORE they get to the courts.

2) There is a lot of sickness around. If children are not at school on Friday, we do not expect to see them playing on the Saturday.

3) It would look a lot neater if children wore their School Polar Fleece tops to the game. We are investigating the option of jackets but at the moment we are looking a little messy with everyone just turning up wearing anything. We are proud of all of our students - lets show some pride in our school by wearing the uniform well.

Ngaa mihi nui

Kevin Johnson

Principal /Tumuaki

Key Term Dates


1. Ready Set Go Programme 1.40 in Room 1 26 May 2021

2. Year 7 Vaccinations Thursday 27th May 2021 9am

3. PTA AGM 1st June 7pm Staffroom

4. Learning Discussions Mon 5 Jul - 3.30 - 5.30pm

5. Learning Discussions Tues 6 Jul - 1.30 - 6.30pm ( School Closes at 1.00pm)

6. School Closes for the Holidays 9 July 2021

Classroom Round Ups

Rm 1 Mrs Johnson

Thank you so much to all the parents who joined us for our Structured Literacy Workshop on Tuesday afternoon, It was so good to be able to share what our new reading programme looks like with you. This week we welcome Archie and Jahdyn to our class. Our phonics focus is now g. o. b and h. I am really impressed with the way everyone in the class is learning letters and the sound they make in words. In Maths some children are working on the numbers that go together to make 5 and others are working in counting sets to 10 accurately. All children are focusing on correct letter and number formation.

Rm 2 Miss Green

A massive thank you to those of you that attended the decodable readers information afternoon last week. This week our phonics sounds are e, r, f, u. Reading homework will continue to be sent home, just a reminder that the books sent home for reading are not intended for children to read to you unless indicated as a Sunshine Classic book. They are for you to read to your child. We are now able to tell the time to the hour and half past so check in with the kids and see what they know. We begin looking at autumn and autumn leaves. We can't wait to produce some beautiful art to share with you. A reminder that bookbags need to come back to school everyday.

Rm 3 Miss Swan

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to week 4. Room 3 has been battling winter bugs including me! Remember if your tamariki are unwell, they need to be at home.

Writing: We continue our report writing and we are learning all about the Kiwi this week. We are also discovering what Onomatopoeia is and how good writers can use these words to make our writing pop!
Maths: We continue to look at our subtraction skills and start our Geometry and Measurement unit.
Reading: Reading books and spelling words will come home from Tuesday. We are looking at the sounds -dge, -tch and ff this week.
Reminders for the week: As I am still unwell, Whaea Adreena will be in Room 3 on Monday. Library day is on Friday. We have a number of socks and shoes in our shoe box, please take the time to check if these belong to you. As the days start to get colder, please make sure your tamariki have a school jersey and warm socks to wear. I have also invited children to bring along a pair of slippers to wear in the classroom. Have a great week! Please remember you can contact me via Seesaw or email mswan@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 5 Miss Entwisle

Our Spelling words this week are all about en and cl. In Writing we are looking at factual reports and using the information that we gather to make our own non-fiction ‘books’. In Mathematics half the class will be learning about Fractions, the other half will be doing the same. Our topic work about Ancient Egypt sees us forming questions that we would like to research. For those children who are motivated to do extra learning at home, our Spelling words are shared each week via the Seesaw activity section. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email at mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

Rm 6 Mrs Bankier

I am so thankful to be back with Room 6 this week. I will be working 3 days per week and Mrs Bartram 2 days per week. Mrs Bartram has done an amazing job keeping Room 6 running, I am looking forward to team teaching with her for the rest of the term.

This week we will be starting to learn about report writing on a range of topics. We will be linking this to our reading and learning about non-fiction texts. We will be learning basic research skills.

In maths we are starting our Geometry topic on 2D and 3D shapes. We learnt about tessellations on Friday and will be practicing making more tessellations this week. Mrs Bartram will be continuing learning about multiplication and division.

It's great to be back and I am looking forward to catching you with you all.

Please contact me if you need to katrinab@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 7 Mrs Paul

Week 4 will see us pay close attention to being inclusive and the way we treat and work with each other in the classroom and playground. We will also be starting to try to be more self reflective!

In Maths we will be exploring things like square numbers and magic squares- a chance to use our multiplication skills in a different way. Tables are going well and there has been definite progress. While mot children are up to the 8s, some children are yet to master their 3s so I ask you to keep encouraging them.

We continue to work on writing to inform and it is really great to see the children accepting suggestions to improve their writing. Our Code sounds for spelling are ie and oe.

Rm 8 Mrs Young

Inquiry - Me and My Environment - Kaitiaki Guardians. This week we will be mapping our school and looking at our environment. We will identify things we can take care of.

Literacy - We will continue with our chapter book, graphic novel and movie - The Witches. This can be read through the Reading Folder on Google Drive or by listening to the chapters online. All tasks related to the chapters can be accessed through Google Classroom.

Maths - This week we will continue our Multiplication and Division unit. We will be working with Anna from ALiM on Tuesday.

Hands on - We are continuing with our knitting squares. We welcome any spare knitting needles and wool :)

Online interactive quiz with detailed answers. Please login via https://socrative.com/ Click on Student Login and enter TAPSROOM82021. Whanau can also take part every week!

Home Learning - Library Books + EPIC Reading. Mathletics + Prototec + Weekly Quiz

Email- kyoung@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 9 Mrs Gamble/Mrs Hodgetts.

A busy week ahead with many sporting events on top of everything else.

Literacy: Guided reading groups are well under way and all students have made a great start on their class novels or school journal readings. We will work on knowledge of words and practice using a variety of comprehension strategies to help us understand what we have read. We will also begin our class book, ‘Annual 2’ edited by Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris. This is a collection of pieces of writing by different authors. From recipes to comics, this will be an exciting book to unpack. Conversation Games by Sophie Rea is our focus for this week. Is a conversation a story? Why? Why not? Linking writing to this, we will identify the differences and similarities between the two.

Maths: We will revise our learning in symmetry and begin to develop our multiplication and division knowledge.

Topic/Inquiry: For inquiry this week we will begin to investigate how we can be caretakers/guardians of our school environment. We will begin with reflecting on what students have accomplished in the past and present. We will identify what is important to us and how we can care for this. We will discuss what our focus will be for this term and begin to identify how we can make a difference.

Homework: Weekly quiz, Mathletics - assigned tasks, reading 20 minutes each day.

Reminder: All Netball players bring their shoes to school for lunch time training on Tuesday.

Have a great week everyone.

Rm 10 Mrs Brittenden

Kia ora koutou,

This week, we will be looking at our fitness as we try out some of the fitness circuits we have developed. We will also be looking at mapping our school (might be a good idea for students to have a change of footwear or gumboots on Tuesday and Wednesday for this task while we tour around our grounds)

In reading, we continue with Maori Myths and Legends and will be applying higher order thinking skills to convey our understanding of the text,

In writing, we will be developing another information report. A particular focus for this will be the development of a topic sentence and ensuring that relevant details are provided to support this.

In maths, we continue developing efficient strategies to solve multiplication, with a focus on decimal numbers.

Another busy week! Keep focused and working hard Rm 10.

Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


Below is the menu for Week 4 starting - Monday 24 May.

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Room One Releases Tadpoles

Room 1 had an awesome time on Friday down at Tunakahoia Stream which is on the boundary of our school. We went down to release some tadpoles. We are so lucky to have this amazing resource right on our doorstep.
Maui and the Sun
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