DIY: Toothpaste Slime

Procedural essay

Toothpaste Slime

Toothpaste slime is slime that is made out of toothpaste basically. Well, it's just toothpaste that is mixed together to get the consistency of slime!

Making the Slime

To begin with you will need the following: toothpaste, glue, mixing bowl, and a spoon.

then you will pour in your glue ( can put in as much glue as you want ). After that squeeze in your toothpaste ( I used crest ). Next I used my spoon to mix the mixture together, oh and if you want to add color to it then you can add it in ( I used markers for it ). Then your done but leave it overnight to dry and then NOW your done. I hope you like my idea, which I was inspired by youtube but hers didn't work so I used another method!