Tasmanian Devils

By: Mara Meissner

Small, powerful, interesting, cute, all of these are things that describe Tasmanian devils and you can learn more by reading on.

What Tasmanian Devils Eat.

Tasmanian Devils can eat up to 10% of their body weight in a day which is a lot. Also they are sometimes called forest vacuums because they eat up all of the dead animals laying around. Also because of Their powerful teeth and jaws they can eat most of the carcass including the bones.

Are Tasmanian Devils Dangerous

Tasmanian devils have the most powerful bite of any mammal on earth. They also have sharp teeth and strong jaws. Even if they seem so they are not dangerous. Devil facial tumor disease is a problem. Devil facial tumor disease can spread when devils bite each other, “Its really our first hope that there could be a vaccine or immune therapy” said Elizabeth Murchison. Also scientists found out that there are cancer cells in the disease. The disease can affect the eye and mouth area which can affect their ability to find and eat food and may result to starving to death. Adult devils are more likely to be affected by the disease.

Interesting Facts About Tasmanian Devils

The first interesting fact is that they store fat in their tails. Another fact is when they are threatened or excited their ears turn bright red. More facts are that devils are a protected species, and devils are the largest carnivores in the world.

Tasmanian Devils are small, powerful, interesting, and cute now I know these things definitely describe Tasmanian devils.