Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Newsletter - Thursday 17 February 2022

You are the light of the world.

Let the light of Christ shine through you to others.

Matthew 5 13-16

2022 Important Dates

Week 4

Thurs 24 Feb: Y4 Cultural Excursion - Quindalup Beach Walk

Week 5

Tues 1 Mar: Pancake Tuesday

Weds 2 Mar: Ash Wednesday

Please go to our calendar for more dates: https://www.ladyofcape.wa.edu.au/calendar.php

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers in the OLC Community


Thank you to our parents for choosing to support each other, especially the vulnerable in our school community by wearing masks. We are not required to wear masks while outside on school grounds but well done to all of you.

If Omicron visits our community, our school will implement its six-step plan. We will be directed by the chief health officer through the process. We can all slow the spread by making sure we are diligent in washing our hands, keeping our physical greetings to a minimum and socially distancing whilst on school grounds.


We are currently unable to hold assemblies at school. This directive may change in the future. Merit awards will be given out in class by the leadership team accompanied by our year 6 leaders on Friday afternoons from this week.

Year 6 Camp Fees

In light of the recent decision by the State Government, camp costs have not been included in year 6 school fees. Our camp was set for early term 3, July 27-29. If the decision is not changed, we will attempt to organise suitable excursions

Swimming Sports

At this stage our swimming sports are postponed till later in the year.


Please be cautious when driving past school. Unfortunately, one of our students was given a huge shock by a speeding car while he was riding his bike home down Sloan Drive from school last week. We do hope our source was incorrect and the driver was not a parent of OLC. Please be careful around school zones.


It is amazing how far our COVID restrictions flow. No assemblies mean no cash for the charities that we support, “Wheelchairs for Kids” and other local charities. We have fresh half dozen packs of eggs which can be purchased from the office by donation and worm wizz is stored just outside the school reception for a donation to be placed in the mailbox by the office or given to office staff.

Student Leadership Team /Sport Faction Captains

Congratulations to all the following Year 6 student Leaders:

Student Leadership Team

Head Girl & Boy: Emma Rechichi / Joel Peterson

Xavier Armstrong / Eva Paterson/ Mila Devereux and Sonny Spittles

Sport Faction Captains for 2022

Geographe: Mia Adams, Hudson Archer

Leeuwin: Olivia Breheny, Kai Gleeson

Meelup: Elsie Cross, Xavier Goodall

Naturaliste: Chloe Robinson, Alec Pollard

March 7th PD Day

Our Professional Development Day after the long weekend all our staff will be learning more about identifying and managing anxiety in students.

Lunch Boxes

Well done to all you sensational parents that pack nutritional lunches and snacks for your children. The editor thinks the Bento lunch boxes have been invented about 50 years too late! Keep up the excellent work everyone.

Senior Citizens Cards

Wonderful work by our Pre Primary students, creating letters and gifts for the senior citizens at Cape Care. We received a card with this message:

"Dear Lady of the Cape Students"

You have outdone yourselves! Every single letter and gift was written and made with dedication to detail and brought our residents lots of smiles, laughs and love.

You've done something really wonderful. We hope you can meet everyone for a morning tea soon. Big Hugs! From all the Cape Care staff.

Canteen Helpers

Another of the strange but positive COVID rules is that parents are able to assist in the canteen. Not allowed in classrooms, hall, etc, but double vaccinated parents are able to assist in the canteen.

Please let us know if you are able to help on a Tuesday or Thursday for a few hours.

(Please note, we do not make the COVID rules at OLC. They filter from the State Government to CEWA to us.)

KINDY 2023

To help us with our planning for next year, if you have a child who will be attending kindy, please contact Fran in the school office to request an enrolment pack: frances.marrell@cewa.edu.au.

P&F Reps

Thank you to the parents who have put up their hand to be a P&F rep for their class. We are still looking for people in Kindy Red and Blue to volunteer. Grab a friend, organise a social function and fundraiser for your class. As a good person said once: "If you don't do anything - nothing happens!".

Did you know?

  • Arlo T (K) likes to eat ham sandwiches. He also has a brown and white dog named Bingo who is very naughty.
  • There is a card game in Year 6 named the “Unstable Unicorn.” Mr. Lee was last seen having a stern chat to Miss Hurst over this recent purchase.
  • Noah W (K) had 136 shots and the basketball goal and finally got one in. Go Noah, I say. Resilience and persistence are happening in a big way.
  • Humpty Dumpty (K) finds it hard to hear. Having no ears does not help the situation at all.
  • Aussies spend 5.5 hours per day looking at our phones which equates to 16.6 years (33%) of our waking life according to Reviews.com, oh dear.
  • One of Penelope and Patrick’s (2) chief roles in term 2 is to dead head the marigolds to allow new flowers to flourish.
  • Esme (K) has a younger brother named Soy. Her dad is good at cooking chicken! (Locals tend to say he is good at cooking most things!)
  • What do you call a bee from America? A USB.
  • When the temperature was 18 degrees last week, it was really warm in the water.
  • Mr. Danaher's cricket team played in the 20/20 final last Saturday.
  • Learning our language is one of the most difficult tasks for many, however Liam Hutton (2) is all over it. Sosigers, (sausages) pact (packed), woshed (watched) is a sensational and very brave way to spell these tricky words in the first two weeks of Year One. Learning to take risks is essential in learning to write and learn in the early years.
  • Mrs Taylor was quite please with her new hat. However, it turns out Tessa Corrigan may have thought otherwise, when she said "Mrs Taylor, you look like a lamp!".

  • Watching Charlie Robinson (1) and Leo Lafranchi (1) attempt to learn diabolo skills off each other at lunchtime on Monday.
  • Billie D’Arcy (2) while looking at Jesus on the cross said to Mrs. Jackson, “It’s a shame Jesus isn't here anymore, I would have liked to have met him.”
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Eugene Lee


OLC Vision for Learning

After a consultation process that lasted for most of Semester 2 of 2021, the OLC teachers and Curriculum team have developed OLC’s Vision for Learning.

The document aims to act as a compass and a framework for the Why, What and the How of teaching and learning at OLC.

The 5 Sections of Vision for Learning are:

  • Quality Relationships
  • Learning Design
  • Instructional Range
  • Place, Space and Technology
  • Engagement

We hope that this will be an important document that continues to shape and guide our teaching and learning practices. It I now available on our school website in the “Our School” section.

Seesaw Feedback

Thanks to the parents who participated in the Seesaw and Formal Reporting survey at the end of last year. The results indicated that we have overwhelming support in favour of continuing our fortnightly Seesaw posts and the amendments to our semester reports.

We also received very specific feedback that suggests photos and comments of students’ learning need to be clearer and of better quality. We are approaching this by now having only teachers/staff taking photos and by using iPads or iPhone which have proven to take better photos than laptops within the Seesaw platform.

If you having any technical issues with Seesaw, please see your child’s class teacher.

Our goal with using Seesaw is to keep parents in more regular and effective contact with their child’s progress and for our students to develop a sense of ownership and pride from their learning.

CEWA Wellbeing Framework

We are very excited to be implementing the new CEWA Wellbeing framework. This document will greatly assist the OLC Wellbeing and Leadership teams to make important strategic decisions for the wellness of our student, staff and parents.

The framework encompasses the areas of:






And endeavours to make Wellbeing at OLC measurable, visible and improvable.

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New Homework Policy at OLC

As from Week 4 of this term, homework at OLC will focus on only two main areas: Reading (Yrs. 1-6) and Times Tables (Yrs. 3-6).


This will be the “launch pad” for lifting the profile of the reading culture at OLC and of course the love of books.

  • PP-2 will continue their current reading homework program
  • Years 3-6 will have home reading each night (Monday- Thursday) and tracked through either minutes of reading per evening or pages read and logged in a reading log book.
  • The focus is to encourage and increase the quality of reading time per day and develop conversations and a culture around reading in the school.

Reading book Choice

This will be a mixture of student and teacher choice.

We encourage Year 3-6 classes to complete an in-class and home novel study at least once a year.

Replacing the Homework Grid - what else can parents do?

The expectation now is for teachers to provide for parents, via the class blogs, the Spelling lists, Maths and English learning intentions for the week or fortnight for their class.

This will replace the current grid and will give parents an opportunity to be informed and do any further learning with their child if they so wish.

Years 5 and 6 will maintain diary use (New Friendology journal/diary) from the start of the year and Year 6s will gradually increase homework load in Semester 2 in preparation for developing organisational skills in high school.

Times Tables (Years 3-6 only)

  • Weekly times tables tasks
  • Differentiated for individual students – based on diagnostic testing of times tables.
  • Digital practice is encouraged. The school is looking into the Prodigy and Multiply Wiz apps.
  • Recital and audio or video recording is also encouraged.

How long should homework take to complete each night?

Year 1 to 2 – 10 to 20 minutes (reading)

Year 3 to 6 - 20 to 30 minutes (reading and times tables)

Reasoning for changing our homework policy

  • To lift the culture of reading and reading for pleasure in the school.
  • Still provide homework that is purposeful and connects back to the classroom.
  • Minimise teacher time on planning and marking homework that could be used for lesson planning and differentiation.
  • Provide positive and meaningful homework experiences at home between students and their parents.
  • After reviewing extensive research into the effectiveness of homework in Primary schools, it’s clear that homework has little to no impact on student performance or progress. The research also suggests not getting rid of homework altogether but improving what we currently do. We believe focusing on increased daily reading and times tables practise is a good balance of both essential learning and life skills.
Adrian Torrese

Assistant Principal

Friendology Lunch Club!

We started off our 2022 season of Friendology Lunch Club today with a huge turnout of students from Years 4-6. The plan for today was to get everyone making friendship bands or bag tags as reminders of the importance of friendships and taking care of them. It was so lovely to see the mix of students and thanks to our wonderful Ninjas, everyone felt welcomed, included, and had what they need to make a little keepsake!

Also in attendance were the regulars who love building straw towers or challenging Mrs Delane in Uno, the smiles were wide, the voices chatty and the Spirit of Jesus was alive and well. It was such a beautiful vibe!

A call was made to the Year 6 leaders to come up with some different activities for the students to participate in each week, some of these include card making, King of Ping and the Uno World Championships, Gym Junkies and Lego Legends just to name a few. I am so proud of the way these amazing young people stepped forward with excellent ideas and a willingness to help see them come to fruition.

Friendology Lunch Club is on in 4DEL every Thursday and all students from Year 4-6 are warmly invited to attend.

Mrs Delane

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Fire fighter Fundraiser

We are so proud of Milla and Lily who, after being evacuated in the local fires, decided to have a bake sale and sell their yummy cakes at the beach, raising an outstanding $260 and donating it to the crew who worked in the fires.
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RE Update

Do You Need to Declutter?

Do you need to declutter? We are currently collecting a sea containers' worth of office furniture, school supplies, stationery, and children's clothing to be sent to Timor-Leste for underprivileged villages, orphanages, and schools. Small soft toys, books, games, and sporting equipment, particularly for the early years, would also be gratefully received. Please refrain from donating anything battery operated.

If you'd like to have a clean out, help out your fellow man and kick goals for the environment by recycling, please drop your (clean and good condition) donations to the school before the end of next week. Thanks, in anticipation!

Many thanks to our Year 6 students who cleaned old and unused OLC furniture for donation to this cause!

Cancer in the School Community

Every school is a community, a network of relationships connecting students, parents, guardians and family members with teachers, principals and other school staff. When anyone in a school community is diagnosed with cancer, people usually want to help but may not be sure where to start with supporting students, families and colleagues affected by cancer.

At OLC we are aware that each cancer experience is different, and every individual navigates it in their own way. Some people want to deal with cancer privately, others welcome all support. Some want to talk about it, others just want to blend in. How people feel about the involvement of the school community may change at different stages. If you are currently affected by cancer in any way and would like the school to be involved to support you and/or your child, please contact me at anytime via phone or email at amie.meyer@cewa.edu.au, so that we might chat about your needs.

Parish Update

Due to current COVID restrictions, all our planned parish, family and whole school masses at the church and at school are on hold. Tomorrow each class will be celebrating a liturgy in their classrooms to celebrate the beginning of the new school year.

Year 4 First Eucharist

Currently our Year 4 students are being prepared by their teachers to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist (or First Holy Communion) at the end of the term. Take a look at this short video if you would like to understand more about the First Eucharist:


Parents of Year 4 First Eucharist (Holy Communion) candidates please be advised that the workshop scheduled for next Tuesday has now be postponed to a date to be advised. At this stage we are planning to celebrate First Eucharist with the Year 4 candidates at the church over the weekend of the 26th and 27th of March. This will be subject to change based on COVID restrictions. Please keep our Year 4 students and their parents in your prayers as they are prepared for the next stage of their faith journey.

Making Jesus Real

Here at OLC we try to model Jesus in the way we greet, treat and speak to each other. When the students see such moments, they nominate each other for a SOJ moment – a Spirit of Jesus moment. At the end of each week, one student from each faction who has demonstrated a SOJ moment is awarded one of our faction “Caped Crusaders” to look after for a week. Should your child bring one of these Crusaders home, or the mother of the Caped Crusaders, “Mama CC”, you know they have been doing something good! Please use the opportunity to have a chat with your child about the good they are demonstrating at our school. Please return the Caped Crusaders or Mama CC to the office each Friday morning for redistribution. Here they are:

community news