Pollution In China

What is going on in China

Within China, their culture is gradually fading away due to the way of life they live nowadays and because of this, their traditional customs and values become to lose its touch on their culture as they begin to modernize. This caused them to prosper economically by manufacturing products and goods, however their success to economic growth is impacting them in negative manners such as there is a concern of air and water pollution that is well known today. Economic inequality and political inequality work hand in hand since when people from China see that they don’t have economic equality, they start to have their views over policies and politics being changed as they believe that whatever is involved politically is likely to affect the economic outcome.

Before China got polluted

Before the industrial Revolution and before China began to seek modernization, there wasn’t as much pollution as there is currently. The skies were blue, the water was still clear and healthy, and there wasn’t as much factories built as they relied more on agriculture to gain wealth.

As they begin to modernize

As China began to modernize and undergo through industrialization and urbanization, people began to move in cities and work in factories rather than on farms. Because of this, more factories, infrastructure, and buildings were being built. As a result of this, thousands of deaths have been seen thanks to industrial air pollution. Furthermore, many of China’s waterways became too polluted and contaminated to be used. Within a short amount of time, pollution and waste in China grew tremendously.

The Cause of China's Pollution

China has struggled for years to control its air pollution problems, which are primarily caused by the burning of coal in factories and power plants, as well as vehicle use. The number one reason cause for China pollution was because they grew too fast. As they grew and modernize, their population multiplied. This, in turn, increased their level of technology and created more factories which brought in a large amount of pollution. Additionally, other reasons such as the lack of governmental control, new transportation, rising oil prices and natural aerosols helped contribute to pollution in China

Political Effects

China also had access to “capitalist” expertise through Taiwan and Hong Kong which were generally the most knowledgeable in business, who also started many manufacturing plants. The government officials of China were also very greedy of money so with this lead in manufacturing that they have created allowed them to single in on their economics, ensuring the continuation of their income.

Social Effects

China is known as one of the greatest manufacturing power in the world, because of this role, pollution in China has come to such an alarming rate. China didn’t plan on playing a large role in global manufacturing. Pollution in China, especially air pollution, is killing thousands of people in China every single day. According to the study, more than one-third of the Chinese population regularly breathe air that would be considered “unhealthy” by U.S. standards. 500 million people in China are without safe and clean drinking water. The pollution has spread internationally, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides fall as acid rain on Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo; and according to the Journal of Geophysical Research, the pollution even reaches Los Angeles in the USA. Although, the natural lust materialistic objects has lead China to develop more factories that pollute the air and water.

Economic Effects

China has built many factories and became one of the leading manufacturing power in the world, but with this economic prosperity, their natural environment has taken a large toll. Not only does pollution affect the health of China’s citizens, it affects their economy. China uses a great deal of money to control the damages of air and water pollution, but this had very little effect as they wouldn't address the main cause of the pollution: factories. The pollution in China causes a devastating drop on the public health toll of China’s population which means less people can work and this could threaten their economic activity. Agriculture, meaning food security and safety, are among the most affected economic sectors. Acid rain is a costly by-product of China's air pollution, which can cause crop damage and deforestation in addition to structural damage to buildings and harm to human health. Also, since China is the world’s largest export, a drop in their economy affects the entire world. This also means the world will not be able to outsource cheap labor which causes a drop in the labor pool.

Why this should be a global movement

The air pollution in China specifically worries the Americans as it is spreading across the Pacific to the United States. Many other East Asian countries are being affected by the air pollution but China still has the highest levels. Surrounding areas are also affected by the water pollution in rivers that they also use for various reasons. Experts are also skeptical about the actual influence of the recent environmental policies’ influence because of the existence of loopholes.
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Other problems that China should fix before trying to fix their pollution

There is a lot of inequality within Chinese societies and government in terms of certain citizens and highly ranked government officials are able to have access to more than lower class citizens or lowly ranking government officials. Many government officials say that they should become developed first and then take care of the pollution without realizing how it affects a lot of the lower class citizens that don’t have access to the resources that will protect themselves and families from the pollution while they continue to develop China. That power inequality is extremely unfair and is the reason so many people are dying each year from all kinds of pollution across China.

How we can solve this problem

While most of us cannot contribute directly to their community, a majority of us can donate to a cause that is trying to find a substitute energy source which will help regulate the harmful chemicals that China's factories use. This will allow for those organizations to continue what they specialize in. These organizations will be able to provide donations to China's government.






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