Safety and Security Update

April 2019

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Preparing for summer!

Just a friendly reminder that as you begin to prep and clean your rooms for summer please work on reducing the amount of clutter that you keep. Anything that is kept in your room should be kept in plastic bins and not in cardboard boxes whenever possible.

In addition, when thinking about what you might want to do with your rooms for next year, you should consider avoiding things like non-approved rugs and carpets, upholstered furniture, and bean bags. When these items are purchased and brought into classrooms they become an immediate and high risk for mold, lice and other unsavory creatures.

Faculty and staff should also make sure not to tape or post anything on the security film coating the windows in your room and on your classroom door. Posting or taping items to security film can compromise the integrity of the film and render it useless.

Finally, there is a document directly below this message that details some decorating and fire safety dos and don'ts. Take a quick minute to review that document and help make sure that we all work to keep our students and our schools safe.

Some summer projects to be aware of


  • Creating an All Hazards plan
  • Updating our building safety plans
  • Using our RVAT information and conducting Risk and Vulnerability Assessments at all of our buildings
  • Installing a new door security and control system


  • Installing a sidewalk from the pool exit that will be ADA compliant
  • Installing ramps at the South end of the building that will be ADA compliant
  • Painting crosswalks on the back lot of the building

St. Thomas

  • Replacing leaky spouting

District Safety Meeting

Thursday, May 16th, 8:30am