Unbridled Acres

Winter Newsletter * 2018

Preparing for 2018

As the winter days lengthen and our anticipation of spring starts to kick in, we at Unbridled Acres are also preparing for the next season.

Our team traveled to Reno, Nevada, for intensive equine therapy training at the headquarters of the OK CORRAL SERIES. Greg Kersten (founder), reinforced our beliefs and knowledge of equine therapy and the power of horses. People came from all over the USA to further their expertise in offering an amazingly powerful tool to help individuals, families and corporate teams become the best they can be.

Our certification at the next level of competence gives further credibility to the Unbridled Acres team. Our professionalism and passionate expertise anchors us as the leading equine therapy facility in the area.

Now is the time to schedule your events. The calendar is filling up for spring and summer.

Our program continues to grow and helps to meet the ever increasing mental health issues of our community. There is much pain in our world, but, we know, we see, we believe in healing, restoration, and reconciliation through the power of our four-legged therapists.....for that...

We are grateful.


Stable Hands

We are in the process of creating an "arm" of Unbridled Acres called Stable Hands. This will be a 501(C)3 organization offering us a non-profit solution and enabling us to provide services to many more people.

We have long desired to offer equine therapy to the uninsured of our area, victims of sex trafficking and those trapped in the inner city.

It is our vision to not limit ourselves to the insured. This spring, we will be able to solicit tax-deductible gifts from those who believe in the power of equine therapy and the healing it offers. We will also be able to apply for grants to help us meet the needs of these populations.

We are very excited about this goal coming to fruition. If you are interested in donating, please contact us.


REFLECTION Women's Spring Retreat

Our spring retreat is coming April 28th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

REFLECTION. An experiential day involving horses, nature, and group discussion.

Details coming soon...watch facebook and our website.


New Addition to the Family

A young lady in the area saved her money to purchase a barrel horse for 4-H. She saved a lot of money for a high school girl, bought her horse last winter and waited for the mud to dry. Once she started working her horse, she knew something was wrong with her new beauty. The vet was called and the bad news delivered. Her horse was lame. The previous owner knowingly sold a lame horse and wouldn't refund her money. This is a horrible story and can make the best of us sour on mankind...BUT.....here is what this kid did...she called Unbridled Acres and asked if she could donate her horse!!! She knew this horse was special and wanted her to help other kids.

Hat's off to this special young woman, who suffered from deception and didn't let it sour her heart...Amazing.



Coming this summer!! We are so thrilled to be developing a new concept that will be offered to teams, businesses and families. Looking forward to sharing the news with all of you!


Good Luck Stephanie!

Endings always offer new beginings.

Stephanie Moore, long-time employee of Unbridled Acres, has moved on to a new opportunity. We are very excited for her, but, sad to see her leave. She has been with us for 6 years and has been a cornerstone of our program. The dedication and knowledge she brought to the team will be greatly missed.




Our kind, gentle giant Chance died this last fall. He was a sweet, kind thoroughbred. We miss him greatly.



Corporate Team Building

Are you part of a team or group who would like to achieve more? or communicate more efficiently? Are you a manager who is searching for a new way to provide corporate team building to your employees? or do you have a desire for your employees to learn more about conflict resolution? SCHEDULE A CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING RETREAT at UNBRIDLED ACRES!

We are expanding our Corporate Services this year. We have more information about what you can expect from your fully customized half day or full day retreat at Unbridled Acres at www.unbridledacres.com.


Sue Miller-Harsin CMSW, LMHP

A licensed marriage and family therapist since 1983, Sue Miller-Harsin specializes in women’s issues, post abortion, addictions and spirituality. She is a popular speaker at retreats and conferences throughout the midwest. She has volunteered with Project Rachel for the past 25 years. In 2014, Sue began traveling to Beijing, China, to counsel those affected by abortion. She owns Unbridled Acres, located in Blair, Nebraska. The facility is used for equine therapy, marriage, individual and family counseling, retreats and corporate team building.