Artic Cold

Tundra; the Frosty and Mysterious

The Tundra is the name for a cold climate where vegetation grows under stressful situations. There are three parts of Tundra; Alpine, Antarctic and Artic. The tundra is know for having an extremely cold climate, low biotic (or living) diversity, and a short season of growth and reproduction.


Average temperature in the Tundra is -40 degrees. Average rainfall is 3 inches a year(including snow). The Tundra is freezing for most parts of the year, except for a few months in the summer.

Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals

Animals in the tundra have special adaptations to help them survive in their environment.Some animals that live in the tundra are, the polar bear, caribou, arctic fox,musk ox,snowy owl,arctic hare,and the rock ptarmigan.

Plants in the tundra also have adaptations to help them survive ,for example most plants store nutrients within itself so when they aren't available they can use the stored nutrients.Here are some plants that live in the tundra,arctic moss,arctic willow,bearberry,caribou moss,pasque flower and others.

Fun Facts and Location



Ticks suck blood from polar bears.

The tick gets nutrients from the polar bear.

While the polar bear gets hurt and maybe disease.



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