Mountains compared with Volcano


All about mountains

Mountains have a small peak on the top of the mountain. On the sides of the Mountains they grow trees around them. Mountains can grow up to 600 meters long. Those less than 600 meters are called hills. Mountains exist on every continent and even beneath our great oceans. Did you now some of the highest are at the bottom of the sea of Hawaii? More than half of the mountains is below water. Hawaii is at the top of volcanic mountain in the pacific ocean. Mountains are home to approximately one-tenth of the world's people. Mountains cover one-fifth of the earth's land sun face and occur in 75 percent of the world's countries. Mountains are formed through varying causes there are several distinct types of mountains.More than half of the world's fresh water originates in mountains and all the world's major rivers are fed from mountains sources. Some mountains have snow on top of the mountains.Mountains usually have steep sloping side and sharp or
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