November Booster

PBIS Tier 1/Woodland Way

Turkey Points Nov 12 - 24th

Please check your mailbox around lunch time for your 12 Turkey Points. These points are for you to give away, one at a time, that you see are showing great QUIET behavior in the hallways using Body and Line Basics. Please give out to any CLASS (outside of your grade level) for outstanding HALLWAY behaviors. The 4 classes with the greatest amount of Turkey Points will be invited to a fabulous fun activity on Nov. 24th. ( 5K can give and receive the Turkey Points; however, discussion will take place as to whether or not they will be receiving there own type of reward on the 24th).

Yes! Please continue to also give the regular Paw Points to individuals who earn them throughout the month as well.

Just a reminder....

Please limit the large bathroom use outside of the gym (by the Art room) to just one classroom at a time. Continue to reinforce the importance of QUIET hallway manners while standing in the hall waiting for everyone to finish. Voices should be at a whisper or off while using Body and Line Basics.

Just a reminder to make sure that you are present if you are sending your class to use those bathrooms or the bathrooms by the lunchroom.

Trading Post Schedule

Please watch for the Trading Post Schedule early next week. Remember that the Trading Post will be CANCELLED on the 16th.