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Weekly Info About Ms. Toothman's Year Long Art Class - Week3

Hello Again! Here's what's been going on in Art Class and what's coming up this week:

Hi students, parents, and ELA! Last week we finished up Module 1 and the Getting Started Unit. A few of you were just recently enrolled in the course so there are still a few loose ends to resolve. Just to remind you, Module 1 (Contact info, Self Portrait Drawing, Messaging Your Teacher, and reading through all the 'How To' stuff) is all due Monday, September 7th by midnight. If you're having trouble getting anything done, just shoot me a text or email and I'll be happy to help out.

Getting Started and Module 1 are due on September 7th by 11:59PM

Yup, I know our first due date is Labor Day. Luckily, this is all super easy stuff the first Module with no major art assignments (other than your quick self portrait sketch). Please make sure this stuff is all turned in online in the appropriate places by Monday, Sept 7th. If you're having trouble or you are brand-spankin' new to the class - make sure you keep me in the loop. I'm pretty flexible but you gotta let me know what's going on.
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Module 2 - What is Art?

The next two weeks we will ponder what makes art either good or bad. There are several discussion board forums and a bumper sticker project. No major art supplies are needed as everything can be completed on your computer or device this unit.

You will need to interview a living, breathing artist during these two weeks. This person can be somebody you already know like a friend or family member or you can seek out a professional artist in your community.
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Students, please take a minute and fill out this contact info if you have not done so already.

Please be sure to complete the following Google Form regarding your Contact Information. This information is how I will get in touch you with so I definitely want your most up to date information! Also, in the last question, let me if you're involved in any sports, activities, field trips, organizations, etc that I might need to know about in regards to the time you can devote to our class. The more info the better picture I have of how to best meet what you need!

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