Tech tonic plates

Jackson Kicklighter

what are tech tonic plates?

The tech tonic plate also known as the lithosphere is a very iregurlarly large piece of rock that hold the continents of earth and the ocean plates. Every year the plate will move up to 8 inches a year. And we do know that the earths continents were once joined together as a super continent. How does this work? Well earths continents sit on top of the plate and the plate will carry it. Now that's cool.


What are earthquakes? Earthquakes happen when two crust slide together and this causes strong violent vibrations in the earth and can cause buildings to collapse and cause tusnamis to happe


A volcano is usually in a form of a mountian and can explode or errupt. When magma inside the earth pushes up the mountian it can shoot out and cause the erruption. there are thousands of volcanoes in this world and 8 supervolcano's. A super volcano is the worst type of volcano. In fact scientist say it could be apcolyptic. And even scarier we have one in the usa in yellowstone national park. The higher the viscosity the more of an explosive erruption it will be. The lower the viscosity the less explosive it will get.

And that is the project i hope you enjoyed or learned something thank you for listening