Brilliant Brains Bulletin- PreK

Mrs. Rhodes & Mrs. Redmon


Current Studies and Explorations- a message from Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Redmon

We have just finished up paleontology. Students seemed to really "dig" the learning experiences we journey through to discover fossils, rocks, & the process in which they were made.

This month with Mrs. Redmon we will learn about magnetism. We will tie our learning back to paleontology by starting out with rocks & magnetism. Then we will discover what a magnet is composed of, define poles, & even discuss magnetic fields. To apply our discoveries to our learning, we will go on an adventurous scavenger hunt to find magnetic things in the world around us. Students will use the scientific process when exploring magnetism.

Mrs. Rhodes just started an exciting unit with the LEGO WeDo (c) Robots. Students will be the "experts" of their particular robot. Students will discover the basics of their LEGO WeDo (c) Robots and begin exploring with programming! We'll explore basic coding and computer science concepts and apply them in our investigations with robotics.

local events:

BREC Bluebonnet Swamp:

- March 19th: Rockin' At the Swamp (explore the exciting world of rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils).


~9 am-4pm

~Adults: $5
~Children (Ages: 2-17): $4
~Children (Ages: 2 & younger): Free

BREC Highland Observatory:

-Every Friday & Saturday Nights: Evening Sky Viewings (Free/all ages/Fri.: 8:30-10pm/Sat. 7:30-10pm)


- End of 3rd 9 weeks: March 10th

- Easter Holiday/Spring Break- March 25th, 28th - 31st (No School)

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