Mobile Technology

Using mobile technology to enhance instruction

Benefits of Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom:

  • Flexible: can be used anywhere!
  • Can be used for many different purposes!
  • Preparing students for their future.
  • Information is up to date!
Mobile Learning: Mobile Tech in the Classroom

Additional Apps to Check Out to Increase Student Engagement:

Additional Apps to Check Out for Content Delivery

  • Voicethread - can create presentations that allow for the presenter to narrate, and others to comment on the slides through text or voice.
  • Ibooks
  • Itunes U
Do all of my students need a mobile device for me to use mobile technology in my classroom?
There are many options to use mobile technology if all students do not have a mobile device. Some teachers have students work in groups of 4-5 students to work with a group and respond using a device. Other teachers have a "technology station", where each student gets an opportunity throughout the day to do the mobile technology activity.

Do I need to pay for apps?

Many apps are free, or have a free portion of the app. This free portion is usually enough for simple classroom use. New apps are being released constantly, so many times you can find a free version of a paid app if you are interested in trying it out.