Chile Under The Control of Pinochet

Democracy In crisis


In 1970, Chile citizens elected Salvador Allende as president. Allende was the president of Chile from 1970-1973. He was a socialist president but respected the democratic and civil liberties. During his presidency he printed unsupported currency, increased job wages and froze prices. In 1972, Chile had a food shortage and had a decrease in investment and exports which caused rising inflation. Even though Chile had problems people still supported Allende. Many people didn't want Allende to continue to be the leader of Chile. A military coup was planned to try to remove Allende from power. The air forces, naval force and army force organized an attack. The commander in chief did not agree with the coup and decided to resign. Allende didn't know that this was going on and appointed Augusto Pinochet as commander in chief. On September 11, 1973, Allende committed suicide after Pinochet turned against.Chilean Air Force attacked La Moneda where Allende was. "Allende refused to resign.He also turned down offers of a plane to take him to exile(Diana Childress author of Augusto Pinochet's Chile). Allende knew that Pinochet wasn't going to let him live and decide to take his own life. He gave his last speech on the radio station still loyal to his government. "This will probably be the last opportunity I have to address you...but my words are not spoken in bitterness, rather, in disappointment. Let there be a moral judgment on those who have betrayed the oath they took as Chilean soldiers and commanders-in-chief" (Salvador Allende). Allende's government was overthrown by a military coup and Pinochet took the power of Chile. Pinochet was in power from 1973- 1990. He changed the democratic government into a military dictatorship.

What happened to all the people that disappeared during Pinochet's time period?

During Pinochet's dictatorship, 1,102 people disappeared. What happened to all of them and their families? It is assumed that many of the victims were taken to secret places and tortured in order to get information. They were probably killed and all the files were destroyed or kept in secret All of the 1,102 disappeared are still open cases or continuing crimes because the victims haven't been found or been officially dead so theoretically they are still alive. Many family members of the victims protest asking for information of what happened to their loved ones.


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The origin of this is an article from Encyclopedia of War crimes and Genocide it was written by Catherwood Christopher a British author and Leslie Horvitz who has written 30 novels.The purpose of this article is to show all the human violations that occur in Chile during Pinochet's presidency, and the outcome of those violations. The value of this article is that the reader could learn how cruel things were in Chile during 1973-1990. and how the rights of Chile citizens were affected and violated by the new government imposed my Pinochet.

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This book was written by Diana Childress, she has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pittsburgh. The purpose of this book was to give information about how and why Pinochet came into power. It also explains the things that happened during and after Pinochet's dictatorship. The value of this book is that it offers a wide range of information and detail of chile during 1970-1990. Some limitations of this book it that it doesn't show a lot of information about Allende's term and focuses more on Pinochet.

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