Emily Anthony

Overall Score: 59.0

World Ranking:98

Fiji Quick Facts/ The United States

Population:0.9 Million/313.13 Million

GDP: $4.5 Billion/$16.80 Trillion

GDP Per Capita: $5,085/ $53,142.89

Unemployment: 8.0%/7.5%

Inflation: 2.9%/1.5%

Foreign Direct Investment: $272.1 Million/$187.5 Billion

7 Major Sources of Economic Progress

Legal System

I have learned that Fiji's property freedom is between the United State's and China's. it is below the World Average also.

Competetive Markets

I have learned that Fiji was suspended from the Common Wealth of nations and that Australia and New Zealand restored their diplomatic ties because of Fiji's preparations for the democratic election. Although they have made little effort to boost the growth of their country.

Limits on Government Regulation

I learned that the government spending is 29.1 percent of domestic output. Also that most of the land in Fiji is government owned so it leaves less land for people to open up their own business.

An Efficient Capital Market

I have learned that the Reserve Bank of Fiji is responsible for developing and regulating the capital markets in the Islands of Fiji. It also provides rules and regulations for the government on operation and development issues for the capital markets.

Monetary Stability

I learned that Fiji's overall score is 0.3 points higher than last year due to monetary improvements. Also that inflation has raised 6.2 percent which mean food prices will be rising.

Low Tax Rates

I learned that Fiji's tax rates are based on the purchase prices of goods and services. Personal income is a very important source of income for the government of Fiji.

Free Trade

I have learned that Fiji has signed tons of trade agreements with various countries and also that they are trying to renew expired trade agreements.
This video is about the latest economic improvements to Fiji. It provides examples of how the GDP has risen and how much investment that people and businesses are making.

Extra Credit

The capital of Fiji is Suva

The chief executive is Epeli Nailatikau

They are a member of the United Nations

Their Currency is called the Fijian dollar

The population density is 49 per square kilometers