He Said, She Said

Differences in Male and Female Communication

Cultural Communication

Boys and girls grow up different in different cultures. They learn how to converse by watching others around them. Watching this they learn how women and men talk and act. Even within the same family, adults talk to boys differently from girls. Girls usually hang in a group with other girls and have a person that they call their best friend. The same goes for boys.

Gender Differences

When men talk, they usually focus on hierarchy, or the competition for power in the conversation. This is why men usually don't ask for directions while driving, it makes them feel as if they lost. Women on the other hand usually focus on the connection of a conversation rather than the competition. Because of this men and women usually walk away from a conversation with different questions.

Communication Problem

Since men and women focus on different aspects in a conversation, miscommunication is usually the out come. This can cause problems in the relationship like stress. They begin to blame each other, themselves for not understanding. In a private setting, a woman can ask a man what he did at work and he will reply with a short uninteresting answer, but in a public setting he tells his friends all about his day. This can make the woman feel unimportant even if that wasn't the man's intentions.
Communication differences between men and women


Emma Lippmann

Drake Tilson