Perseverance and Adversity

By Alexander Peev

Cause & Effect

Maxie has a wife and seven children. He wanted to become a lawyer and in order to be a lawyer you have to complete a test called the Bar exam. It is mainly about law and Maxie knew that he was destined to be a lawyer so he started the exam... and failed. Then he tried again...and failed. He tried until his 45th try and finally got the job. He kept on trying and he finally finished and gotten an acceptation grade. He was very thankful that his family was willing to realize that it will take a lot of time to complete and that they were all patient for him.


Maxie started off as a father and a husband that had a dream job as a lawyer.He had always wished to become a lawyer but he had complete a test. He had to complete a test called the Bar test in order to become a Lawyer. Maxies wife helped him believe that someday he will pass the test. Maxie had to try the test 47 times until he passed the test.


Eula Hall lived in a community that lacked a doctor. She had 5 children in which almost all of them were physically challenged. On her eighteenth birthday she decided to change and do something to help the community she was in by making a clinic. She was paid $50 a week and she needed doctors to come and help her clinic open. She found a pool of foreign doctors to come in and help the overwhelmed patients. That clinic lasted for 3 years before burning to the ground with all the medicine. She gathered her courage to start again. She gotten calls from people that needed medical attention and persuaded the phone company to hook a phone onto a tree so she could lay a blanket with her and the other employees to help the patients. She gained $102,000 to rebuild a new clinic . She kept on doing what she always wanted to do, help the ones that need it, and she took it one step at a time. She later built a second clinic, then another one, and many more until she made an entire company called Mud Creek Clinic

Compare and Contrast

Maxie faced adversity when he wanted to become a lawyer but had to pass the Bar exam. Eula Hall wanted her children and community to be in a better shape but she had to build a clinic. Maxie's adversity only impacted him while Eula's adversity effected her community. Maxie tried again and again and on his 47 try he finally gotten an acceptable score. Eula did not give up when her first clinic burned down and instead made many more than one. Maxie's perseverance and Eula's perseverance and similar because both of them did not give up when most would in serious times.